Don't be a "feeding tool" anymore!Step in three steps to take the child's "boss difficult" problem!

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Don't be a "feeding tool" anymore!Step in three steps to take the child's "boss difficult" problem!

2022-06-24 06:15:42 7 ℃

"Ah -good, take another bite, just bite!"

TA is not eaten in one sip

"Sit well, don't run around!"

Before you get angry, TA will continue to run

"Eat when you should eat, don't watch the cartoon anymore!"

Hurry up, and then continue watching TV

"Hurry up, otherwise there is no ice cream to eat"

TA ate while eating, and said, "I want to eat strawberry flavor in a while"

"This ribs are delicious, you try it? It's not spicy at all"

I bite a small sip, "Hush ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

"Children need to eat more to grow taller!"

At most, we will have two bites, and then TA will say, "Can't eat it anymore"


Similar scene

Every day is staged between the parents and the baby

Slowly eating, playing while eating

Wearing a messy bib running on the house

... ...

Why does it teach baby to eat is like playing Tai Chi

There is no substantial progress in pushing around?

Want your child to eat obediently

Is it really a "impossible task"?

Of course not!

Today, I will share with you

"Hey" baby three tricks at home

The problem of solving the boss of children to eat

Whether it is the newborn of the kindergarten immediately

Still going to enter the gate of the elementary school

Dabao of lunch independently

Can be used!

Children do not like to eat. I believe it is a headache for many parents. Why do other people's baby eat so fragrant, and my family eats like "fighting". I ca n’t eat two sips after chasing feeding, or it ’s a picky eaters.

What can I do?

"The baby who loves to eat in this world is similar, but the baby who does not like to eat has its own reasons."

Don't panic, as long as we find the reason, we can "prescribe the right medicine"!

Let's take a look at the reason for your baby to eat?

Physical health problem

Dolls do not like to eat or not to be uncomfortable. When you get sick, your appetite will definitely not be good. The baby's gastrointestinal development is not perfect, and it is easy to cause symptoms of abdominal distension, accumulation, and poor appetite.

If you do n’t like to eat, you should take your child to the hospital to check the body in time instead of forcibly feeding the child.

Snacks are not limited

"There is a kind of hungry, my mother thinks you are hungry"

Some parents are worried that their children are hungry and give their children to eat. Cut the fruits for a while, feed the yogurt for a while ... cause the child to eat well when you should eat, and you can't be hungry anyway. You can also eat "delicious" snacks to fill your belly.

Bad eating habits

When many parents bring their baby, in order to "stabilize" their children, they often use toys and televisions to attract their children's attention so that children can sit obediently and be convenient to feed.

As everyone knows, the child eats toys, watch TV, and electronic products while eating like this, and not pays attention to watching cartoons, playing games. Delicious, they do not have the habit of eating seriously.

Excessive exercise

Nowadays, children need to spend a lot of time learning. Even on weekends, they have to go to various interest classes. They lack enough outdoor activities and have less energy consumption. Therefore, children are not easy to have a sense of hunger and eat less naturally.

Add salt to the supplementary food prematurely

"Eating salt can only have strength, so don't have the strength if you don’t eat salt."

This is actually a big misunderstanding!

The fact is that people will be weak when lacking salt, rather than eating salt!

Many elderly people think that the baby does not put salt in the vegetables without the strength, add salt to the baby's supplementary food prematurely, and the baby is "heavy" when the time is long.

Food will not change patterns

When buying vegetables, many parents will think: There are not many types and things that children can eat. They have to eat nutrients. As a result, buy it and buy it. I always do what he do, and "eat wounds" (tired).

If the child is tired and annoyed, it will inevitably "stop" protest.

Many moms and dads are not used to think that their children are dirty, or they are worried about TA to eat less and eat slowly, so they choose to pick up a bowl and turn into a "feeding tool".

But objectively, feeding will not only reduce the child's interest in eating, but also affect the development of its own ability. In the long run, the child has been living the kind of "giant baby" that parents have shouted online by parents.

From time to time, feeding is not a good thing for children's physical and mental development! it will:

First, affect the chewing function

Sometimes, in order to catch up with the parents' "feeding progress", children can be called a gobbles. The food is not fully chewed, so they swallow it, which completely affects the development of the teeth and the exercise of maxillofacial muscles.

Some parents are really moving the world. Not only will they tear the meat openly, divide the large pieces of vegetables into shattered, but also to send a little soup with a spoon to send it into the child's mouth! Looking at the baby's spoon, I'm definitely pleased! Intersection

actually! Eating too finely will make children not exercise when the jaw muscles should exercise, which will affect the chewing function of the oral cavity and accustomed to liquid food and become difficult when swallowing food ...

Some children can't eat when they go to kindergarten, why?

I was used to Sa at home!

The home is eating some soups and water, and the sauce is confused. When I went to kindergarten to eat small pieces of chicken, I couldn't swallow it for a long time. The last place for dinner every day ... I do n’t know that the kindergarten eats beef tendons! Hey, this is all the evil results of parents feeding! (Sighing kindergarten teachers) Second, affect digestion and absorption

If the food is not fully chewed, it may increase the burden on the intestinal tract, affect digestion and absorbing duck -type feeding, which may allow the baby to eat more and stretch the stomach, and eat more and more This appears like this!

Every kind of kindergarten's "Fatty" has a grandma who has been feeding and fruits in the baby ...

· Enhance the richness of food

Try a variety of cooking methods, change food styles, pay attention to color matching, and cause children's interest in food.

· Provide exclusive tableware

Prepare children's seats and tableware to enhance their sense of exclusiveness and dine more pleasantly.

· Proper use of "hunger therapy"

It is stipulated to have a long time, such as 30 or 45 minutes. If the child really does not have appetite or does not concentrate on eating, may wish to take the food after eating, wait for the TA to eat TA, and seize the education opportunities in time to take the baby to "re -inventory".

· Don't use rewards to stimulate children to eat

The long -term "reward" children to eat in a long time will make them dependent on gifts. They will not take good food as one thing they should do, but they will turn eating into a chip that can make a wish with parents. If there is no reward, it may not be delicious.

· End with examples and set an example

When adults eat, they should chew well, focus on eating, and disk are not wasted.

· Cultivate the regular feeding habits

Try to eat at the same time every day, 5 to 6 meals a day, that is, in addition to normal meals, you can add 2 to 3 fruit snacks to your baby. However, it is best to fast within 1 hour before bedtime!

· Reasonable planning diet intake

Don't pay attention to the baby's food for each meal, just eat full, do not force your child to eat. Usually, family members must also supervise each other. Do not give children too much snacks to avoid affecting dinner.

· Multi -activity increases exercise

Play games and exercise more with children, move a lot, consume a lot, they have a big appetite, and they are more fragrant to eat!

Photo: Zhao Xi was taken in Ying Beiya Kindergarten, Chengdu High -tech Zone