The baby has 5 characteristics, most of the growing up when he grows up, even if it takes up one

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The baby has 5 characteristics, most of the growing up when he grows up, even if it takes up one

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Wen | Jing Ma

I remember Jing Jing just two months when I was a kid. I took her out of the car to play. When I was waiting for the car at the station, I found a child as big as her.

However, a comparison found that the two children were too far away. Jingjing was larger than others, and her hands and feet were much larger than that little girl.

At that time, I asked the little girl's mother in amazement: why your children's feet are so small, and my mother laughed and said: Yes, the feet of our family are relatively small, I only wear 35 yards shoes.

I thought they had a problem at the time, so small!

I didn't know when Jing Jing learned to walk, it turned out that the feet of our children were too long.

Because I took my child to the mother and baby shop to buy shoes, I did n’t have a pair of shoes to wear in several children, because her feet were too long, and even her two -year -old and three -year -old shoes could not be worn!

Now Jingjing is 8 years old, nearly 1.4 meters tall. She wants to wear 38 yards of shoes. She takes her out of others that she is 10-11 years old.

So can children grow tall in the future, and they can really see when they are young!

There are 5 characteristics on the baby. Most of them will be tall in the future. See if your baby has any

Features 1: Being a high -ranking person is born in birth

Dengli is 1.82 meters tall and is a basketball player. Her husband is 1.85 meters. When Deng Li was pregnant, she looked at her belly.

I didn't expect her child to be born 7 and a half pounds, and 56 cm in length. The doctor said that he had never seen such a long child. By the age of three, the other children were only 95 cm. It's!

So if the child is born five or six centimeters more than others, it will definitely be higher in this foundation in the future.

Features 2: Foot length

Just like our family Jingjing, the feet are very long when they are born, and they usually grow taller when they are adults.

After all, our body has a proportion. If the feet are longer, the child will be longer in the future.

I used to take my child to a mother and infant shop to test the future height. The child's foot can predict the child's future height on the instrument.

The results show that the height of our family will reach 1.74 meters in the future. If a girl is so high, it is really high, and Jingjing is now only 8 years old. She can already wear my shoes.

Features 3: I have been thin and long since childhood

Slim -long represents the growth rate of children from small heights to growing faster than weight.

For example, when children go to children's health care, their height growth is the middle level, and the weight growth is medium -level, which means that the child's height growth rate will be faster.

The child seems to be thin and tall, and the child's body shape will also affect adulthood as a child. Therefore, when a child is a child, it is too high to grow up.

Just like "Where's Dad" every day, when he was a child, he was a thin and tall child. Now he is only a teenager, nearly 1.8 meters.

Features 4: The calf is relatively long

When I was a kid, my uncle often came to drink. We were wearing shorts in summer. Uncle looked at the feet of several brothers and sisters in our family and said that my calf looks longer, and we should grow higher in the future.

Sure enough, for girls in the 1980s, I was relatively tall and grew to 1.6 meters.

Therefore, when the child is young, the calves look longer, and they will easily grow taller in the future.

Features 5: Handle

The child's hands look longer, and it also means that the child will grow higher in the future. After all, our figure and limbs have a corresponding proportion, so children with long hands are more likely to be high.

Of course, in addition to the five characteristics of the child, you can consciously grow the children, and the parents need to pay more attention to the child's nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc.

In terms of nutrition, it is necessary to give children sufficient protein, vitamin D, vitamin A, and zinc, so that children's bones can have sufficient nutrition to increase.

In terms of exercise, after the child is two years old, one to 2 hours of outdoor sports every day will help stimulate the child's body to produce vitamin D, and it will help the child's bones to stimulate.

In terms of sleep, ensuring that children have sufficient time to sleep, and grow hormones in children's sleep can better secrete, which is more conducive to the child's growth.

The child's height growth is only about 15 years or so, grasping these 15 years, so that the height of the child can be better stimulated, so that the child can grow taller.

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