A self -description of a leukemia child mother: Please, let us go!

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A self -description of a leukemia child mother: Please, let us go!

2022-06-24 06:15:36 7 ℃

Like the normal girl, Xiao Wang found his favorite object to get married and had his own baby son 2 years after graduating from college. The family lived and happy together. However, a peaceful life was in trouble because of the unexpected children.

On this day, the good little king's baby suddenly had a high fever. Xiao Wang quickly took the baby to the hospital for examination. But the result surprised Xiao Wang. The child's white blood cells are as high as 60,000, and the doctor has determined that the baby has leukemia after a review. You need to do chemotherapy and take antibiotics to relieve your child. The sudden blow caused the small king to lose the soul!

But Xiao Wang did not understand that there was no genetic history of leukemia in his family. Why was his child so unfortunate? Later, the doctor determined that it may have something to do with the indoor environment at home. Xiao Wang and her husband quickly found a professional measurement company to test the data at home. It was found that the formaldehyde content was 2.5 times that of normal standards. And formaldehyde is also the culprit that causes baby's leukemia.

Looking at the pain caused by chemotherapy, Xiao Wang was really crying. She sincerely appealed to everyone: For the health of children, pay attention to the decoration of the family! Don't be like him, when things happen, everything is too late.