My mother -in -law doesn’t like me, but after I am pregnant, she sends chicken soup every week after I am pregnant.

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My mother -in -law doesn’t like me, but after I am pregnant, she sends chicken soup every week after I am pregnant.

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Chen Siyu has just done a four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound. The doctor said that everything is good at present, but adults should pay attention to supplementing nutrition.

After a few days, her mother -in -law Wu Fengping suddenly called her and asked Chen Siyu's four -dimensional examination results, and she told her mother -in -law.

When Wu Fengping heard that she wanted to supplement nutrition, she quickly told her to go home with Yu Jun to go home for dinner at night. She wants to show her skills and make a delicious one to make up for Chen Siyu.

Chen Siyu originally thought that her mother -in -law was just talking about the scene.

Unexpectedly, Wu Fengping actually came true. There are all the chickens, ducks, fish eggs and shrimp, and there are a few vegetables that Chen Siyu love to eat, which is full of a large table.

Yu Jun asked, "Mom, how do you make so many dishes?"

Wu Fengping, who is giving Chen Siyu Sheng Tang, glanced at his son in vain: "Did the doctor say that you want to supplement nutrition? Both of you are busy and take takeaway every day. How can there be nutrition?"

At this moment, Chen Siyu was really flattered. Not to mention that after getting married, it was the first time to see her father -in -law, and she didn't treat this.

Wu Fengping kept advising her to eat more, saying that she could not lose her mouth when she was pregnant, otherwise she would have to feed in the future.

Watching the two of them ate their mouths, Wu Fengping also said, "You come back to eat when you have time, and I make up for Si Yu to make up for the body."

This is so thrilling!

Chen Siyu, who was drinking soup, almost didn't hold himself.

Obviously half a month ago, she quarreled with her mother -in -law because of the sexual problem of the fetus. I have been the Cold War to the present. I did n’t expect that my mother -in -law was suddenly the same as I changed myself?

However, Chen Siyu was not sure that he could not return.

I just kept boasting that Wu Fengping had a good craft, and also said that such a mother -in -law was his own blessing. He just praised Wu Fengping with his eyebrows. After eating, Wu Fengping went to cut the fruit again and was too busy to turn around.

When he returned home at night, Chen Siyu asked Yu Jun: "What happened to this?"

Yu Jun shook his head blankly and said, "I don't know, but if she can always do this, it would be fine."

Who knows this? The two looked at each other and couldn't help but sigh.

Chen Siyu knew that Wu Fengping had never liked her.

Wu Fengping has a friend who has been with each other for decades, and the relationship between the two has always been particularly good. Later, Wu Fengping gave birth to his son, and his friend gave birth to a daughter.

After Yu Jun stepped into the society, Wu Fengping began to worry about his son's lifelong event, but Yu Jun had never found his intentions.

After a long time, Wu Fengping moved his mind and wanted Yu Jun to marry a friend’s daughter.

The girl grew into water since childhood, and her mouth was sweet. Every time I meet, I am particularly pleasant to Wu Fengping, and there must be no contradictions in my mother -in -law in the future.

Besides, both friends and wife are official employees, and the retirement salary is enough for the elderly. Moreover, in the past few years, their house was demolished and divided into three houses. This must be that girl.

It can be said that if Yu Jun married her, it would be a treasure.

However, Yu Jun disagreed, saying that he had always regarded him as a sister, and he didn't have that thought at all. Later, when he met Chen Siyu when he was a friend's party, he pierced it directly.

Wu Fengping couldn't hold his son, and could only hold his nose and recognize the daughter -in -law.

One week before Yu Jun got married, Wu Fengping heard a friend that the girl was successful and became a boss. Compared with Chen Siyu, a little clerk, Wu Fengping almost was drowned by the sour water poured out in his heart.

If the son listened to her to marry the girl, at least it would be less than ten years.

In this way, on the day of Yu Jun's marriage, when Chen Siyu was received from her in -laws, Wu Fengping, who was extremely unhappy in his heart, brought a little on his face.

As a result, Chen Siyu hadn't spoken yet. Yu Jun pulled his mother aside. He said black and said that if she was really unhappy, she just stayed at home. Don't go to the hotel for a while.

How can I do it?

Wu Fengping could only squeeze out with a smile and continue to handle the wedding. But I didn't like Chen Siyu in my heart.

Chen Siyu also knew that her mother -in -law didn't like her. However, the two couldn't live together, and Yu Jun protected her again, so there was no major contradiction.

Soon, Chen Siyu became pregnant.

Wu Fengping was so happy that he called Chen Siyu and said many precautions. Chen Siyu felt that her mother -in -law was finally accepted on her grandson's face.

But soon, Chen Siyu was not happy with her mother -in -law.

On that day, Chen Siyu and Yu Jun went back to dinner and said casually. After half a month, I had to do four dimensions to see the baby's appearance.

Wu Fengping immediately took the sentence: "Just look at the boy and girl, if the girl, you two will quickly prepare for the second child."

Chen Siyu pulled her face and said unhappyly, "Mom, what do you say? What age is this, boys and girls are the same."

Wu Fengping was furious: "I tell you, I ca n’t give birth to my son, I will let Ajun divorce you. I ca n’t work, I ca n’t be a boss, I ca n’t have a son. What do you want?"

Before Chen Siyu became angry, Yu Jun blown up: "A few of them are my matter with Si Yu, and you can't speak. You like the boss so much, why don't you be a one?"

Wu Fengping was so angry that he rubbed his chest, but Yu Jun pulled Chen Siyu and fell away, ignoring her at all.

Since then, the Cold War has begun.

In the past, their mother -in -law conflicted, and Chen Siyu would persuade her husband, but this time she was also angry, and she was unwilling to be mud.

Unexpectedly, after the four -dimensional, Wu Fengping actually called her.

What's more, from this day, Wu Fengping actually sent chicken soup every week, saying that it was Chen Siyu supplemented his body. In fact, Chen Siyu doesn't like to drink chicken soup. When Wu Fengping sent it for the first time, Yu Jun told her mother and asked her to stew something else.

However, Wu Fengping said that chicken soup was the most nutritious and insisted on sending chicken soup.

Over time, Chen Siyu was also very moved. She always thought that between people, it was time to read the other person's goodness in order to maintain a good relationship.

In particular, she was not very happy to get along with her mother -in -law before, and now it is easy to ease, so it needs to be maintained with heart.

Therefore, Chen Siyu also often accompanies her mother -in -law to go shopping and buy something for her. She did not forget to send something to her mother -in -law.

Slowly, the relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law was a lot more harmonious.

That day, the friend gave Chen Siyu two boxes of chestnuts, and she told Yu Jun that she gave a box to her mother -in -law. Unexpectedly, something happened again.

As soon as the two opened the door, they heard Wu Fengping call on the balcony, and the voice was strange: "I'm smart, my son was eaten by her, and I quarreled with me every week. Now I send chicken soup every week. She didn't like to eat, and she must have given my son. In this way, I did it, and I could respond to her, haha ​​... "

Chen Siyu suddenly felt a black line. No wonder even if she didn't like to drink chicken soup, her mother -in -law insisted on sending it. This is to do a drama.

People were originally given to their son, and the daughter -in -law was an excuse.

Chen Siyu is really angry and funny. How can she find out for so long?

Yu Jun, who was standing aside, turned directly to the carbon, and pulled Chen Siyu to turn his head and walked away.

Later, Wu Fengping gave the chicken soup again. Yu Jun said directly: "You take the chicken soup back, Si Yu doesn't like to drink, I drink enough."

Since then, the chicken soup has come to an end.

However, Wu Fengping stopped, but Chen Siyu had something to do.

It turned out that Chen Siyu had been anecdotical since childhood, and as she got longer and longer, her anemia gradually became severe.

By 36 weeks, the doctor suggested that in the caesarean section in advance, and said, "Clicplant in advance may not be good for children, but not in advance, adults and children are dangerous."

Chen Siyu touched her belly, and the more she thought about it, if she hadn't had a bad body, how could the child face such a difficult situation? It is said that premature babies are not as good as full moon. If the child is not in good health in the future, it is caused by her mother.

Yu Jun comforted Chen Siyu for a long time.

The operation was arranged at noon the next day. After Yu Jun went through the hospitalization formalities, he called Wu Fengping and asked her to make a light diet.

But Wu Fengping was in a hurry when he heard that he had a cesarean section in advance, and he kept telling his son that the cesarean section was not good for the child.

Yu Jun was trained straightly: "We know that the cesarean section is not good, but if you don't have a section, the child can't hold it anymore. You say that there is time to send it to eat? I don't have time to find a way."

In the end, Wu Fengping still cooked a pot of millet porridge.

After eating, the nurse told Chen Siyu to take blood.

After the test results came out, the doctor said that the child's current state is still good, so that Chen Siyu should not have a psychological burden.

When I heard the doctor said that, Wu Fengping patted his thigh: "I just said, stewed chicken soup for her every week, how can the child be bad?"

However, no one cares about Wu Fengping.

Wu Fengping was a little unhappy and couldn't lose his temper. He could only say: "I send chicken soup every week. How can the children be bad? At that time, we had no treatment with children. I have to have a cesarean section. "

It may be that Wu Fengping was too embarrassed, and the doctor suddenly raised the volume: "You are so interested, why is she still serious anemia? Can drinking chicken soup can make the fetus give birth? What are you going to the hospital so much?"

Chen Siyu was solemnly, and when she saw her mother -in -law was blushed by her doctor, she also wanted to laugh inexplicably.

At noon the next day, Chen Siyu was pushed into the operating room.

After anesthesia, the doctor quickly took out the fetus and told her that she was a boy, and everything was good. Chen Siyu just relieved, staggered, but suddenly heard someone shouting something.

Chen Siyu was awakened by crying.

She opened her eyes laboriously and saw Wu Fengping holding the child carefully, gently coaxing. Yu Jun poured milk powder into the small bowl and then brought it over to feed the child to eat.

Probably eating, the child quickly quietly.

Wu Fengping whispered to Yu Jun: "I look at the child, you go to Si Yu, did the doctor say that she woke up at any time."

Chen Siyu's brain couldn't turn around. How did the mother -in -law become so gentle?

Yu Jun looked at the bed subconsciously, but saw that Chen Siyu had opened his eyes and looked at them a little blankly.

Later, Chen Siyu knew that she encountered postpartum bleeding.

Fortunately, there was no big deal for treatment in time. It was just that the doctor said that she was anemia and was sinned again now.

The child also had a full -body examination, there was no big problem, but because of premature birth, the physique may be a bit worse

Chen Siyu touched her son's soft body, but felt that her heart was soft but she was very fortunate. She and her children had no big deal.

The most surprising thing for Chen Siyu was that during the hospitalization, her mother -in -law not only gave her three meals a day, but also made it suitable for the mother to eat.

Every time I came over, I asked Chen Siyu first, and then went to see the grandson, and even talking to her is unprecedentedly harmonious. A few days later, Chen Siyu was allowed to be discharged. After returning home, he found that Wu Fengping was busy in the kitchen.

Seeing that they came back, Wu Fengping quickly came over to pick up the child, and said to Chen Siyu, "Go to the room and lie in the room. I stewed the sugar and water eggs, and I would eat it for you. of."

When Chen Siyu was sitting on the bed, Wu Fengping put the sleeping grandson beside her. Turned to the kitchen and brought sugar -water eggs, and said that the bowl was a bit hot, let Yu Jun feed Chen Siyu to eat.

Seeing that Chen Siyu had eaten, Wu Fengping was busy again. Chen Siyu whispered Yu Jun, what happened to her mother -in -law? Yu Jun shrugged to say that he didn't know.

After half a month, Yu Jun's holiday was used up.

Wu Fengping took the initiative that she would take good care of Chen Siyu and her children and let her son go to work with peace of mind. This time, even Yu Jun couldn't help asking, "Mom, don't you like to think about rain?"

However, Wu Fengping sighed and said, "I didn't like thinking about rain before, I felt that you had forgotten the mother when you had a daughter -in -law. But when she was lying on the sick bed, I was unconscious. Looking at you, I suddenly I want to understand that the two of you are going to be a generation, as long as you feel good at each other. As a mother, I am embarrassed to consume our mother and child, and finally hurt your heart. ","

These words, Yu Jun and Chen Siyu blushed.

But before the two of them said something, Wu Fengping said excitedly again: "Besides, I have grandson now, as long as I see my grandson, I am happy.

Speaking, Wu Fengping touched the grandson who was sleeping again, and smiled well.

Chen Siyu touched her chin for a long time, and secretly asked Yu Jun: "Am I a mother -in -law?"

Yu Jun fluttered with a smile and said, "Forget it!"

After speaking, the two laughed at the same time.

Many parents do not understand that except for couples, others are passers -by each other. Even children with blood connected, when they grow up, they will slowly leave.

When another figure appears around the child, all we can do is bless them, not trying to use their parents to control their choices.

Because, only we respect each other and understand each other can we live happier.