If you want your children to "mix well" in kindergarten, these 4 capabilities are essential

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If you want your children to "mix well" in kindergarten, these 4 capabilities are essential

2022-06-24 12:26:56 8 ℃

Kindergarten life is an indispensable and important part of preschool children in growth life. The colorful kindergarten life experience can help children adapt to the current stage of learning and life faster and better.

In fact, kindergartens are like a "small society". If you want to make your child's kindergarten live comfortably and comfortably, it is not reliable to rely on the teacher's "help". Parents should take the initiative to take the responsibility of family education, especially children, especially children. In terms of ability cultivation, we must prepare early.

Sister Wang Wang sent her 3 and a half -year -old daughter to the kindergarten. Although the enrollment procedures were smooth, Sister Wang's heart was still unsteady. "Now the children are coquettish. What if my baby daughter is bullied in kindergarten?" So, Sister Wang decided to give the kindergarten teacher a "hard fee".

What Sister Wang didn't expect was that the teacher resolutely did not charge the "hard fee", and even the fruits sent by Sister Zhang had rejected it. "What should I do, the teacher does not accept anything, how can I take good care of our daughter?" During dinner, Sister Wang talked to her husband with anxiety.

"You can't think of this thought. Who is not the mind of the parents, the teacher just wants to take care of it! Besides, the daughter is not good at it, you should not worry about it." Genedly returned to the daughter -in -law. When she heard her husband saying this, Sister Wang a little eaten, but calm down and thought, the husband said nothing.

During the dinner with friends on the weekend, Sister Wang took the initiative to mention the children's kindergarten teachers who did not receive gifts. Friends who came here shook their heads after listening: "You are this one more. Isn't our child going to kindergarten to exercise yourself! "

"Let's not fuck so much. Kindergarten is the child's little society." As long as you can cultivate the ability of children, everything is strong! "

It's not easy to "mix well" in kindergartens

After the children enter the park, the objects they are in contact are no longer limited to their parents and family members. They will have more time and opportunities to get along with teachers and companions. The social attributes of the children are stimulated by more environmental stimuli, so the little guys who are eager to have more companions start to be active.

Although the children's life experience is limited and the mind has not yet matured, this does not affect their sense of existence and the right to speak. It can be said that the new environment of kindergartens has enriched the social circle of the little guys, and their perception of social relations has a "embossed thinking".

In addition, some studies have found that children in the kindergarten stage are simple, but this does not prevent "level differences" in their circles. For example, some children will become the "core figures" and "small leaders" in small groups, while others will maintain a lower sense of presence and have less right to speak.

What kind of child will be difficult to integrate into kindergarten

Some children who are too dependent on their parents can easily have separation anxiety after entering the park. They lack the interest of actively integrating into the collective and cannot express themselves well in the social environment. The excessive shelter of their parents made them lack response experience when facing social challenges. The timid children are uncomfortable in kindergarten.

Children who lack self -care, when adapting to kindergarten life, it will also take longer, not to take care of themselves well, so that they cannot get a sense of accomplishment in collective life.

Especially when the kindergarten teacher cannot disperse more energy to give special care, children of this type of children are easily "looking down on" and distinguished by teachers.

Children who are too self -self are easy to get out of control in collective life, and at the same time they will also be more domineering and selfish. This type of child looks stronger and does not suffer, but it is also the object of "unbelievable" in kindergartens. There is no one in the eyes, and the lack of empathy children will be isolated by their companions.

If the child has excellent expression ability, they can express their own needs to the outside world in time and get feedback and satisfaction, and at the same time, they can also effectively reduce the occurrence of misunderstanding by their teachers and companions.

Children with strong expression ability have a stronger ability to control emotions.

02. self -care ability

Before the children enter the park, parents should let their children take care of themselves, especially in some trivial matters. Such as going to the toilet, eating, etc., this kind of thing to do almost every day.

03. Social ability

If you want your child to fall in love with kindergartens, it is best to let him make a good friend who gets along with each other, so that the child can get a sense of presence in a short time, and he will look forward to going to kindergarten. Excellent social ability also allows children's personality charm to get a good blessing.

04. Independent ability

When the child has a certain sense of independence, they can calmly respond when facing the separation situation, and will not be wrapped by separation of anxiety. The independence capabilities of different children have obvious differences, which is related to the daily guidance of parents.

In addition, when parents cultivate their children's independence, they must pay attention to the satisfaction of their children's inner sense of security. Only when the child is not afraid of separation, will they be manifested as an independent individual.

Faced with the "small society" of kindergarten, parents must also know how to let go in a timely manner, neither enlarge the "trouble" that children encountered in kindergarten nor ignore the emotional needs of the children.