Folk story: Do not drink Meng Po Tang's mother and child fate!Nian He Qiaotou shouted: Mom, don't chase it

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Folk story: Do not drink Meng Po Tang's mother and child fate!Nian He Qiaotou shouted: Mom, don't chase it

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01 "Let's open! Let the maternal bleeding, the maternal bleeding must be surgery immediately!" Several nurses and doctors of the emergency department pushed a surgical car and quickly passed through the hall where people came and went. Give Way. Xiao Qian had always been careful in October, but it was only ten days before the due date. Xiaoqian, like the usual morning, went to walk downstairs after eating breakfast. She talked to the baby in her belly while walking. When she walked to a slope, a walking car slipped down from the flat ground quickly. The baby in the walking car was about nine or ten months. The bell in his hand. There is a big road under the slope. The child's mother exclaimed behind, but her speed still couldn't catch up with the speed of school. Seeing that Xuexue was about to slide to the road, Xiaoqian stopped the Xueque car without any thoughts, but because of the out of control, she protected the children in the walking car, but fell herself herself. On the side of the road. In an instant, she felt that the child in her stomach was strange, her stomach started to pain, and her blood slowly flowed down her legs. Passers -by seeing the situation urgently, some people played 120, some people played 110, and those who knew Xiaoqian quickly called her family.

When the 120 doctor came, Xiao Qian's consciousness was still awake. She took the doctor's hand and said, "Please, save my child, I want to have a millennium in October." The doctor comforted her Said: "Don't worry, let go, we will go to the hospital immediately." But before he arrived at the hospital, Xiaoqian passed out. The blood collapse didn't stop, and the adults and children were particularly dangerous. The operating car was finally pushed to the operating room, because the operating room received the news in advance, the surgeon has long been in place, and various necessities such as plasma have been delivered one after another. After an emergency rescue, the doctor issued a notice of illness. When the nurse took the notice of illness to let Xiao Qian signed, he asked with a trembling voice: "How about adults? How about children?" The nurse watched sympathyly with sympathy. He said at a glance: "Adults and children will be in danger, but the doctor is trying to rescue." Xiao Qian's husband's heartbreak was signed in the notice. 02 Xiao Qian chased and shouted: "Baby, you run slowly, the mother can't catch up with you anymore." But the little boy ignored her, but ran forward quickly, running to a bridge, he Suddenly stopped, looked back at Xiao Qian, and shouted loudly: "Mom, don't chase anymore!" But Xiaoqian watched the little boy and said, "Don't run, hurry up to your mother Go home! "The little boy looked at Xiao Qian, who was caught up, and suddenly his little eyes filled with tears. He rushed into Xiao Qian's arms and said," Mom, our fate is exhausted, thank you for your hard work. Yue, I gave me a lot of love. Although I did not come to the world, I have already transformed into an adult shape. I will remember you! "After the little boy said to break away from Xiao Qian's embrace, I ran to the bridge as soon as I smoked. Xiao Qian instinctively continued to chase, but her feet had not stepped onto the bridge, and the little boy returned. He pushed Xiaoqian to a little farther and said, "Mom, you can't set foot on this bridge, otherwise you can't go back. You can go back, don’t be too sad, I am young, sneak from here, slipping over here , Don't drink Meng Po Tang, then I will go to you again. "

This time the little boy did not run, but used the power of his whole body to push Xiaoqian. Xiaoqian felt that there was a magical power to separate her and the child. She could only watch the child stepping on On the bridge, and she clearly saw the three words on the bridge head: Naihe Bridge! Xiaoqian cried and shouted, the child was still gone. 03 Xiao Qian woke up. She saw the eyes of the people around me. Her husband opened his eyes full of red blood and said, "You finally wake up, you have been in a coma for three days and three nights!" Xiao Qian took care of Instead of looking for children, she looked around. She didn't find the child when she looked at it, so she asked her husband's hand to ask: "What about the child? I was still with him just now." The husband dare not dare to dare to She didn't dare to tell the truth, so I had to comfort her and said, "You are very weak now, you have to rest, don't think too much." Xiao Qian thought of the sleeping scene and looked like a child like crazy, but she was ten, but she was ten. The moon was pregnant, and he had a highly hoped millennial baby. When her husband saw her like this, she could only tell her the truth, saying that the child did not keep it, and it was gone. Xiaoqian looked at her husband crying and said, "I obviously saw him. Although there is no child of your own, the child you save is okay, you are so kind, God will definitely help you, we are still so young, there will be children. "Xiao Qian understands it Still sad, she kept crying. At this time, she saw the little boy again. The little boy reached out and wiped her tears and said, "Mom, don't be sad, the fate of our two has not been cultivated enough yet , Waiting for your health, I will come. "