The results of the college entrance examination have come out, please all parents to recognize a cruel reality ...

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The results of the college entrance examination have come out, please all parents to recognize a cruel reality ...

2022-06-24 12:26:31 11 ℃

The college entrance examination is a child's adult ceremony and a grand farewell ceremony.

At this point, the parents have only the back, and there is no spring and autumn in my hometown ...

——The tiger mother

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In the past two days, the results of college entrance examinations in various places have been released one after another.

For ten years in the cold windows, once they released the list, several people were happy.

If you have a good exam, you are happy, and you have a rich return for many years;

Those who get poor exams are inevitable, "it seems like waking up a dream to return to the world."

However, for the majority of parents, no matter what the child is examined, a fact must be recognized, that is::

Your child finally bid farewell to unknown unknown teenagers, enter a more independent and more self -old age, and truly adults.

The college entrance examination is not only the turning point of his academic studies, but also the time node he bid farewell to his parents.

Therefore, no matter what your child is examined, please hug him hard.

If the child is good, please hug him

My colleague's son took 635 points this year and was 89 points higher than the province. His favorite university he liked was stable.

But my colleagues were only happy for a while, and then worried all kinds of worry:

Her son never left her for more than a week, and immediately lived alone in the field. The diet was appropriate? Do you not admit bed? Do you think home?

He will arrange his own life alone, eat wearing, social, and maybe he will know beautiful girls. How much living expenses should you give?

What should I do if it is not enough? Can he cope?


The more you want to be anxious, the more you want to be sad.

It is said that the mother -in -law was worried.

She has thought about her relaxation after many times when she went to college, but she never thought that she would have so much worry and reluctance.

As a mother, I understand her contradiction very much:

I hope that the children will be good, fly high, but also afraid that he will fly too high, and it will never be enough.

The so -called parents and children are really a gradual practice.

Think of the admonition of the screen on the Internet:

Don't complain about tutoring your children to write homework. It can't be used for a few years. You look at the dark table lamp in the child's room. You will hope that there is a thin back to write homework there, watching the child's empty bedroom, and I want to ask him to get up in the morning and get up. Click to school.

But at this time, he was already thousands of miles.

The familiar bedroom has become his hotel and will only stay temporarily during the holidays.

He no longer makes you angry, and even speaking with you less and less, occasionally sending a WeChat over, no matter what you say, you will feel that it is not enough ...

At that time, you will understand that the biggest comfort of the child brings to parents is not necessarily how many ways to be, but to accompany them.

Thinking of an old lady downstairs, sitting at the entrance of the stairs every day, and greeted enthusiastically.

There was no reason for him, and her four children were not around, and she didn't even have a speaker.

The city requires a 48 -hour kernel acid examination report. When I saw that she would not use a smartphone, she made a nucleic acid test for her.

I thought it was the work of raising her hands, but she was grateful:

"My four children, going north to the north, and going abroad, one is better than one, but at a critical time they are not as good as a neighbor!"

Her words made me feel like.

It turns out that the more children are, the bigger the world, but the farther and farther from him.

For the rest of your life, you can only look at his back and farther away until he disappears in the world you can't catch up.

By then, you will miss his time when he goes to school.

So, while he hasn't walked away from his hometown and listened to you under the eaves, please hug him again!

If the child is poor, hold him tightly

There are 3 children in the hometown, and both of them are very angry. One went to Fudan and the other went to the People's Congress. After graduation, he stayed in Shanghai and Beijing.

Only the third grade was not good, and he went to three books, and returned to his parents after graduation.

In the past few years, the neighbors mentioned that the first two children were proud of it. They often said how much the boss made a year, how many people managed under the second hands, or told you that they heard their opinions in Beijing and Shanghai.

Either the third child who is around either does not mention it, or when it is mentioned, it is farther than his brother and sister, so the topic goes back to the second boss.

Last winter, neighbors were in bed because of large blood vessels blocking stroke.

Because the boss and the second child were not around, the third and third daughter -in -law wiped, changed to wash, and took care of eating and drinking Lazar.

The neighbors were worried that they could not get off the bed and live in a long life. They often sighed in bed.

The third child asked her child to talk with her grandmother, and she often enlightened her and comforted her.

Throughout the winter, I hardly saw the third child who came out and played, and filial piety in front of the neighbor's bed, and even the child's homework was in front of her bed.

The third child often said:

And her proud boss and the second child did not come back for a whole winter, either she couldn't get off, or because of the inconvenience of the epidemic, she could only "full filial piety" on the phone.

At the New Year, they finally came back, and complained that the third child did not take care of the neighbors and harmed her hemiplegia.

This time, the neighbors spoke for the third child:

"I am the mother of the three of you, not the mother of the third child. You can't blame him when you are in front of me because of the old three!

He is much more difficult than you. He has to go to work during the day and take care of me at night. He wants me to want me.

I know my body, if it wasn't for the third child, I would not have to be able to live this year ... "Talking, neighbors and the third child were crying.

As the saying goes: "Children are debt collection."

Children who have been cultivated outside the province and abroad will eventually become the most familiar strangers who can only meet their parents a year.

The children who need to take care of parents when they were young are the real loved ones of their parents when they grow up.

Although it is unwilling, this is an indisputable fact.

Think of a principal's speech:

"Children who are particularly good in reading will go abroad in the future and can only rely on videos when they meet.

If you are not qualified to study, you can always be with the old age. Today, we take us to eat beef balls and take us to eat seafood tomorrow. Think about it. "

A good -grade child will eventually fly to a larger stage and become a passenger in the life of parents.

Instead, children with flat grades have more opportunities to return to their parents' raising grace.

So, if your child is bad, please give him an ordinary but practical hug.

Because in the next half of your life, your second half of your life may depend on him in all aspects.

The poor child was a great probability that God sent to report.

Whether the child can take the test well, okay?

He left less and less time for his parents

I have watched a short film, retired at home, and made a chess with his son.

But the son either works abroad, entertains, or eats and drink with friends every day, and does not go home several times a month.

He finally returned home, and hadn't said a few words to his father, one after another, either the leader called or a friend shouted.

Dad waited for him to play chess, but he was busy talking about the phone. When he finished the phone, he hurried out and went out in a hurry. He didn't even eat dinner at home.

When he left, he said to his father sorry:

"Wait for me to be busy for a while, you must accompany you to play."

At the end of the camera, Dad was sitting alone in front of the chessboard, waiting lonely waiting for his son to come back ...

People often say: "You raise me to grow up, I will grow old with you."

However, the fact is that we do our best to accompany the growing children, and we may not be able to accompany us to grow old in the future.

The biggest misplace in the world is that when children need to accompany, it is difficult for parents to take out time;

By the time the parents were out of time, children who grew up adults had their colorful world.

So one of the facts we must recognize is:

No matter whether the child is examined well or whether he will have a good time in the future, he will leave less and less time to his parents.

Because he has grown up, with his own work, family, and social circle, his parents are just part of his colorful world, and the home is just a hotel that he occasionally returns.

If your child is still sitting in the study at home to brush the question, and call you to coach your homework for a while, call you to wash an apple, and then shout hungry and urge you to cook. Don't be annoying.

Because at this time he was the richest time, leaving his parents the most.

Just like the words that exploded the Internet:

Before the age of 7, the family was the whole of children;

7-12 years old, home at night;

13-18 years old, home is weekend;

18-22 years old, home is winter and summer vacation;

After the age of 22, the home is the Spring Festival ...

Before the age of 7, the family was the whole of children;

7-12 years old, home at night;

Before the college entrance examination, you can see your children every week, listen to the story of him and teachers and classmates;

After the college entrance examination, you can see the frequency of your child. You need to calculate the monthly, or even year -on -year. It is already good to come back to accompany you every year.

Therefore, if your child has not yet taken the college entrance examination, please cherish the days when he stays with you.

After the college entrance examination, he was like a bird who finally learned to fly.

Everyone has their own mission.

The mission of the child is to become a better self, and the mission of the parents is that they also gain a practice while they become the whole child.

The college entrance examination is the critical point of this practice.

Good parents can give their children a meticulous companion before the exam, and they can smiling and waving their children after the exam. Although they are reluctant, they are not entangled.

Because you have spent the best 18 years in your life, there are no longer any regrets.

So at this moment, whether your child is college entrance examination, please hug him.

Today's careful companionship is no regret tomorrow.

Clicking on "watching", I hope that every child who will go far away can go home often.

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