Language development is slow to have a baby's recovery experience, evaluate the parents regret once

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Language development is slow to have a baby's recovery experience, evaluate the parents regret once

2022-06-24 12:26:51 11 ℃

Seeing a mother tells that a baby with a slow language development at home has experienced three years of rehabilitation training and has done 4 evaluations. The experience and lessons are worthy of our reflection. Each language assessment, parents regret it once, why?

First evaluation

When it was July to August, the parents found that they would not speak up early, because the baby would not speak at all, turned over late, did not climb, and did not grab toys with fingers. No matter how funny, the baby will not respond. The evaluation results are very poor, mainly because the exercise is too much backward, and then start rehabilitation training, while supplementing nutrition for the baby, while doing sports training.

Second assessment

When it was one and a half years old, parents found that the baby could not speak, and did not speak anyway. Language development may be late. Pay attention to language guidance and training early, but parents ignore it and have not done it.

Third Evaluation

It is two and a half years old, and the baby will not say much. He will only call your parents and mother. He does not understand what others say at all. If you want anything, you will not express it. Therefore, the final evaluation results were also very bad. This time, parents regretted that they finally began to pay attention to language issues. The teacher of the rehabilitation department asked parents how to teach their children to speak at home? Parents said that they just repeated over and over again, letting the baby imitate to speak. The teacher said that the lack of guidance and reinforcement, such language training is wrong.

Fourth Evaluation

It was more than 4 years old. In the past two years, three language training institutions were changed intermittently. The baby finally made some progress and barely went to kindergarten, but the evaluation results were still unsatisfactory. Met the standard. Compared with children of the same age, much worse. After a few months in the kindergarten, I didn't learn anything. The teacher said that the baby was used to expressing his appeal in body language. He rarely expressed his language clearly. In general, three rehabilitation institutions were changed in 2 years. The training courses were always interrupted. Parents also regretted that they did not insist on ordering orderly rehabilitation training.

After seeing the four assessments of the parents, and the 4 -year recovery experience, I have a lot of emotions. The history of the baby's development is a book. The most understanding is the parents themselves. Language, intelligence, exercise, and behavior are all focusing on the object of observation. When parents themselves think they have problems, they must be vigilant and put into action. It was discovered one year earlier, which is equivalent to winning a 365 -day rehabilitation opportunity for the baby.

What should I do after determining that the baby's language is slow? If you are a learning -type parent, please start your brain to quickly learn language rehabilitation skills, which is important! On the one hand, it can help you identify the professional, suitable for children's rehabilitation agencies. On the other hand, you can help you with rehabilitation training at home. Let the baby a teacher have a teacher, and the results will definitely be different.

Of course, in the course of the baby's rehabilitation, multiple evaluations are necessary, which helps parents understand the baby's recovery process. If the baby improves rapidly and improves significantly, the previous choice is wise. If your baby is slow, don't be too anxious, and the retarded recovery needs to be accumulated. If the baby does not improve and stagnate, it is necessary to change the rehabilitation strategy in time.

In the end, parents must have a rational understanding of the evaluation. The results of many evaluations are not to conclude to their children or to appease the parents. It is to indicate the direction of the next rehabilitation. So seeing bad evaluation results, I was discouraged, and even felt that the sky collapsed and wanted to give up. This was the most irrational behavior.