"Look at the face height of 180, there is actually no", Sun Zhuo's height exposure, netizen: being delayed by the buyer

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"Look at the face height of 180, there is actually no", Sun Zhuo's height exposure, netizen: being delayed by the buyer

2022-06-24 12:27:12 7 ℃

Guizi: "Look at the face height of 180, there is actually no", I believe that everyone will have such people around them. It obviously looks very high, but the actual height is not satisfactory. In popular terms, this kind of person is "high". There are many reasons that look tall. It may be longer, long legs, and visually higher visually. Secondly, the figure is also a key. Obviously two people with the same height, look fat and thin, and thinner.

Therefore, we cannot judge a person's height, and we cannot judge from video and height. After Sun Zhuo and Sun Haiyang recognized their relatives, they have been exposed to the camera of netizens and the media. Through photos and videos, almost everyone feels that Sun Zhuo is a tall boy. Standing next to the Sun Haiyang couple, he is more than his mother and half a head than Sun Hai.

What is unexpected is that Peng Fengfeng revealed during the live broadcast that Sun Zhuo was only 174cm tall, and there was no 180+ that everyone said more. Netizens don't believe it, saying that 174cm looks higher than children 182cm in their own home. What Peng Fengfeng said would not be faked. Sun Zhuo perfectly interpreted what it was "Look at the face height of 180, but there is actually no". Netizens bluntly said: The buyer was delayed.

Peng Gaofeng also said that he was not afraid. He could grow up again. Sun Zhuo was less than 18 now. It was when the boy had a man, and 25 was still rushing. Although the height of the Sun Haiyang couple is not too high, the children born are not necessarily. I believe that Sun Zhuo will continue to become a tall and handsome boy. Even if it is not long, 174cm is enough, not tall or short, just right. In addition, Peng Fengfeng said that this height may be net height, and wearing shoes will be a little higher.

In addition, after changing a environment from the north to the south, it must be able to grow one, and this kind of thing happened by a netizen. Going to school in a foreign country is nearly ten centimeters long. It is said that it is because of changing water and soil, so Sun Zhuo may grow taller. In addition, Sister Sun Zhuo, Sun Yue, is not short among girls, only a few centimeters shorter than Sun Ocean. Sun Hui was so young and went to his mother's shoulders. Brothers and sisters are so tall, and Sun Zhuo will not be bad.

However, the sentence that netizens said: I was delayed by the buyer. I was recognized. Sun Zhuo himself was a southerner. He lived in the south for 4 years and adapted to the southern soil. Suddenly I was taken to the north for a day, and I became sick a few days after I went. The illness was 2 months. How could it not affect him? With such a small child, a small rollover affects the child's life.

Sun Zhuo didn't remember his biological parents, because he was sick when he was a child. He tall was not tall and did not cure the disease, which was delayed. However, those who were delayed could no longer be made up. I just hope that Sun Zhuo will return to Shenzhen and grow up on his own site and grow taller. Under the raising of the Sun Haiyang couple, I think Sun Zhuo is not only height, but also weight.

Conclusion: Finally, I hope that Sun Zhuo can live well in Shenzhen. Learning and character is the most important. Height is floating clouds. Besides, Sun Zhuo's height is already very good. Compared with height, good character is the most important thing. There is a height of emptiness. What is the use? Study well in Shenzhen, and quickly adapt to the local education model and environment. What do you think? Welcome to leave a message and forward in the comment area.