In October, pregnant mothers must be "Fruit 4 Don't Eat", not at ease but protecting the fetus

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In October, pregnant mothers must be "Fruit 4 Don't Eat", not at ease but protecting the fetus

2022-06-24 12:26:29 4 ℃

The description of "Mother's October is painful and happy for Bao moms." This description can be said to be very appropriate, because it is necessary to know that pregnancy is more than early pregnancy, to the swelling of the mid -term This is the pain that can't be understood in this life. And this is not just these, because after pregnancy, our diet must be greatly restrained. Many things cannot be eaten, cold seafood, and all kinds of snacks that I like to pay attention to before.

What you can eat is healthy, and we all know that healthy things are always not delicious, but do you think this is over? Even our favorite fruits must pay attention. There are many types of fruits. We do n’t eat fruits during pregnancy. Many Baoma do n’t know that for this, many babies have no way to come to the world. Therefore, pregnancy is not as simple and happy as we think, and Bao Ma has much thought behind us than us. In October, pregnant mothers must be "Fruit 4 Don't Eat", not blindly, but to protect the fetus and fruits always give people a healthy diet, because the philosophy of instilling our parents from a child is to eat more fruits and vegetables. Only the body can grow well, eating meat is good, but it is easy to obese if you eat too much. It seems that only fruits and vegetables have no side effects, so many pregnant women eat more fruits to supplement vitamins after pregnancy, but eating fruits is really particular. If you eat wrong, you are feeding the baby to poison. Do n’t eat these four kinds of fruits during pregnancy. Although it looks like poor, it is indeed protecting the fetus.

1. Litchi has reached the stage of achieving litchi freedom again. Now the market and supermarkets are more lychee everywhere, and the price is also cheap from expensive to cheap. I have to say that lychee just looks at the red shell and feels bright. In particular, the flesh is full of water. The most important thing is that it is very sweet that makes people like to eat litchi in the hot summer day, but as a pregnant woman litchi is a dangerous food.

Because lychee in the eyes of Chinese medicine can be said to be a representative of the insidious insidious inside, because litchi is hot, it is a thermal fruit. If this fruit collides with the body heat pregnant woman, it can really be said to be fueling on the fire. In summer, it is difficult for pregnant women with hot body to be hot. If you add litchi, it is easy for pregnant women to get angry. The air bubbles in the mouth will even become oral ulcers. So pregnant mothers should pay attention to this kind of fruit.

2. The fruit that is completely opposite to mangosteen and lychee is mangosteen. Mangosteen is now everywhere in the market. The price in the northeast is still very high. Mangosteen is the favorite of many people. Don't look at the shell looks purple and purple. But the meat is sweet and white, and the unique taste is addictive, but this kind of harmless fruit is actually a kind of cold fruit. You must know that pregnant women must not eat any cold fruits. Because cold fruits will cause maternal abortion, do n’t eat mangosteen again, do n’t eat it, everything is to be eaten after smooth production.

3. Hawthorn is more than the early and in the middle and in the middle of pregnancy. We all know that the pregnancy will not be able to stand even if it smells the taste, and we ca n’t eat it. When the pregnancy is severe, we need to go to the hospital to maintain the fetus ’s life signs. Therefore, in order to alleviate pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will eat some acidic foods to press the feeling of vomiting. Among them, hawthorn is recognized as the most acidic fruit, so many pregnant mothers will buy a lot of hawthorn to eat. However, hawthorn has a effect that we ignore it. Hawthorn can help congestion, and if pregnant women eat it, they will cause abortion, so hawthorn is definitely not to eat.

4. Watermelon Watermelon can be said to be a must -have fruit in summer, especially if you eat it, let alone clear the heat and relieve heat, and the sweet and juicy and the fragrance belongs to your own fragrance. Many people can eat a whole large watermelon by themselves, and many pregnant women do not understand. Why can't watermelon be eaten? If you don't eat watermelon in summer, it is as boring as eating or eating vegetables. But in fact, watermelon cannot be eaten because watermelon is too sweet. If pregnant women eat too much frequently, pregnant women will have gestational diabetes. Therefore, it is not just that you can't eat watermelon. Dietary diet during pregnancy can protect the fetus more 1. Light, but there are nutrients with many families prepared for pregnant women. It is no wonder that pregnant women will have no appetite. Generally, the light diet will really reduce people's appetite. We only pay attention to light but ignore nutritional value, because what we eat for pregnant women mainly supplement nutrition and provide children to absorb, so it is light without any nutrition. We still need to pay attention to the nutritional value of food.

2. Diversity of diet should pay attention to diversity, because if you know that the diet is single, it is not a pregnant woman, and it is important to give children to children's growth and development. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the diversity of diet. You must eat the same thing as much as possible, and you need to have a few more dishes for each meal, so that pregnant women can add more comprehensive. Today's topic: Are you taboo during pregnancy? Do you think not to eat these fruits is poor? Welcome everyone to leave a message at the bottom of the screen!