The 23 -year -old guy is alive to starve to death: Parents' doting is the biggest damage

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The 23 -year -old guy is alive to starve to death: Parents' doting is the biggest damage

2022-06-24 12:27:06 7 ℃

You can't raise children for a lifetime,

Don't get used to him from Xiaojiao.

I saw a news two days ago. A 23 -year -old guy Yang Suo, a 23 -year -old guy in Luoshan County, Henan Province, was as normal and his limbs were sound.

The villagers all said that Yang Suo was not starved to death, he was lazy.

To what extent he is lazy?

He was too lazy to work, and did not live for less than 1 day in the construction team and hotel, and he was so tired that he was not willing to do it. Then he sold all the valuable things at home and rely on begging for a living. He was too lazy to wash his clothes, threw it away when he was dirty, and changed it. Later, the clothes on his body exuded a bad smell. He was too lazy to eat, and the meat and vegetables that the villagers were giving him stink on the eaves, and did not burn to eat. Unless he was hungry, he went out to eat. He was too lazy to go out, and even did not go to the hut, but ran a pit in the hall, and it was over with the ground.

In addition to eating and drinking Lazar, he only does one thing, that is: sleep.

Sometimes he had a meal, and he could sleep on the ground for two days.

Why lying on the ground?

Because he burned the things that could be burned in order to warm up, and even burned the bed by him.

He would rather starve to death, freeze to death, and refused to move his fingers.

Finally, in a cold winter night, Yang Suo, who was only 23 years old, starved to death alive.

Is it lazy to kill Yang Suo?

No, he was chronicly stifled by his biological parents and killed him. It was his parents' habit.

Yang Suo had a long -standing show, and was clever. His parents loved him very much. In order to keep his son forever, he named him specifically, named Yang Suo.

He never walked, and when he went out at the age of 8, his parents were picked with a burden.

As a peasant's parents, he never let him do farm work. "You go aside, don't be tired."

After Yang Suo's father died of illness, his mother was still reluctant to work.

When the mother's body couldn't hold it, she had to call Yang Suo to work, but was beaten by her son.

Yang Suo suspected that he was tired of studying, he had nothing to do at home, and the old mother who had a sick body had to serve three meals a day.

"Give him a meal, he wants you to feed you directly to his mouth," said a local villager.

At the age of 18, Yang Suo died.

Five years later, a snowy day, lazy Yang Suo starved to starve at home.

From small to large, Yang Suo has been soaked in his parents' coquettishness. After his parents died, he did not have the ability to live independently at all. He could only exhaust his life in the comfortable area.

Coincidentally, there is such a news that a mother has worked hard to raise her son. After graduating from college, her son quickly had a job.

However, he resigned every month in less than a month, and always complained that the task was heavy. He had to get up early in the morning and work overtime at night. He was too bitter and too tired to stand.

For two years, my son was at home with peace of mind, either playing games online, or using the salary of not many mothers to the social time in the society.

Regarding his mother's accusations, he said with a word, "If you can't support me for a lifetime, why is it so accustomed to me since childhood?"

This sentence has caught many parents in contemplation.

Now we always say that children are not sensible, but we do n’t realize that it is because we protect the children so well and do n’t let them be sensible.

When the child was young, we would avoid suffering, blindly doting the child, and organized everything for children, but deprived the children's ability to live independently and the opportunity to cultivate good character.

American psychological and hygiene experts in the United States said that "people who are very happy to be childhood often have unfortunate adults."

Parents carried everything for their children when they were childhood.

We can participate in the growth of children, but cannot replace it.

If the child is full of life, the result is that the white -eyed wolf is raised and the old people are raised.

Jiao is destroyed, and doting is to kill. Do not let the doting of love destroy the child's life.

You don't let your child suffer,

This world will make him suffer.

Love children, distressed children, is the instinct of animals.

But love is too much, which is bloody damage.

If parents do not let their children suffer, this world will make him suffer a lot.

Wei Yongkang's mother was reluctant to let her son suffer. From a young age, she helped Wei Yongkang to do it except learning.

Help my son squeeze toothpaste, meals, bath, wash your face ...

What is even more stunning is that when Wei Yongkang was in high school, he even cut his nails and wore shoes.

The prodigy Wei Yongkang's academic performance was very good. At the age of 17, he was admitted to the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and studied.

However, he was dismissed by the school without even obtaining a master's degree, because he had poor self -care ability.

After leaving his mother, Wei Yongkang was completely out of control. He couldn't arrange his studies and life. When he was hot, he didn't know the undressing. When he was cold, he didn't know that he would add clothes. The room would not clean it.

He read a book in the bedroom, but forgot to take the exam and write a graduation thesis.

Wei Yongkang's mother could not cover the wind and rain for him for a lifetime, and from the incompetent children of his parents, he would usher in a bleak life.

Damage is like a sharp saw, painless amputation of children, and leaving his parents' protective umbrella, he cannot carry this world independently.

The greatest sin of parents is to over -protect the child.

If you are not willing to educate your children, one day, this world will educate your children severely for you.

After growing up, when they grow up, they often step by step, until they are abused by society. Just like the "Li Tianyi case" many years ago, I believe everyone still remember. National first -level actor, the famous singer Li Shuangjiang, got old and loved his son Li Tian.

Li Tianyi, who was only 15 years old, was a famous little overlord. He drove a million luxury car to drive without a license and hit someone.

Li Tianyi, who was bad in nature, was sent to the shelter for a year after being sent to the shelter. His parents did not strictly control him, but repeatedly condoned the pride.

That's why there was a gang rape case that was shocked throughout the country.

After the incident, Li Tianyi's mother Dreampie even hit a rake, saying that the victim was organized for prostitution. But in the end, Li Tianyi was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Why isn't Li Shuangjiang's parents made in one hand today?

You are reluctant to educate children, but society is definitely willing!

Every child who is destroyed by doting is the negligence of parents' education, and it is the evil created by the parents himself!

You don't let your child suffer,

He will let his parents suffer.

This world will make children very bitter, and children will make their parents suffer very much.

The doted children will grow into countless bear children and countless white -eyed wolves.

In recent years, the news of "children fighting parents" has emerged endlessly.

A 12 -year -old boy in Jiangsu destroyed the items in the teahouse and wanted his mother to repay it for him. The mother said him a few words, and the child moved to his mother on the spot, holding his mother's neck in public.

A 10 -year -old boy beat his grandma on the street. He pressed his grandmother's head with his legs and kicked his grandmother's head and face directly with his feet. He was very disdainful in the face of passers -by and even scolded.

It is angry that the grandma didn't say a word, and even guarded her grandson.

In a hospital in Guangzhou, a little boy about 10 years old was stopped by his mother to play with his mother and raised his feet to his mother -in -law. He kicked 5 feet in just a few seconds.

Where is this child, it is clearly the white -eyed wolf!

This can not help but cause people to think deeply. On the surface, the child's problem is exposed, which is essentially due to the failure of parents' education for children.

The most fundamental reason for this failure is the doting of parents.

American psychological and hygiene experts in the United States said that "people who are very happy to be childhood often have unfortunate adults."

Chinese -style parents blindly love their children, organize everything about their children, and indulge in their faults, which is equivalent to burying time bombs for their children's future.

When I was very young, I heard the story of stealing the needle for an hour and growing up.

The story tells a mother who secretly takes the needle of other people's houses, not only does not stop and educate, but praises the child "capable".

Later, the child stole the chickens of someone else's house. The mother was boasting and stewed the stealing chicken soup to drink.

In the end, the child became bigger and bigger, worse and worse. He stole a lot of gold and silver treasures and committed death.

Before his sentence, he wanted to see his mother, and after seeing it, he bit a piece of meat on his mother.

He said: "If I was a child, I stealing the needle and you hit me and scold me, stealing chicken, you hit me and scold me, I will not have today, my death is because of you!"

Therefore, do n’t think you give your children love. There are countless loved children who have been grievances and setbacks in society. Let ’s start to say that your parents have problems and say that your native family has problems.

Parents will definitely be chilling when they hear it, but this is not wrong. The problems of native families are far more poverty, no culture, quarrel, and education and good habits of children's quality.

When the child has frustration, he does not know how to reflect on himself, but blame his parents. This is the biggest failure of parental education.

Parents give their children the greatest love,

Let go.

Because of distressing their children, many parents will consciously and unconsciously protect them.

This mentality of parents is not difficult to understand, but rationality reminds us that parents cannot protect their children for a lifetime, and sooner or later he will go to society.

When he appropriate, let him go through the wind and rain and face the hardship, so as to stimulate his own potential, learn and exercise various abilities.

Li Jiacheng, a wealthy business in the business world, has never allowed children to enjoy the prosperity and wealth, and should be the "rich second generation".

He went against him, and carried out the children to let them learn to stand for their own self -reliance.

Some children go to school, and parents are sent back and out, and even help their children's schoolbags.

But Li Ka -shing, he rarely uses private car to send children to school, but let the children do tram and buses by themselves, let alone a schoolbag.

Some children return home and do n’t have to do anything. They are all young masters. The little princess, the clothes come to reach out, and open their mouths.

Li Ka -shing asked his two children to be a miscellaneous worker, a waiter, and a golf course to be a caddy.

Letting children suffer is not grievances, but to let them win dignity and win what they really want.

Suhomlinski said: "What I tried in the process of children's growth should be asked to do it to give children a free development environment.

To help children grow better. "

Parents do too much, which hinders their children's growth. Learn to make children suffer and be willing to let the child suffer so that the child can become a device.

He Junjun, the son of the gambler of the screen, was born with a golden spoon since he was a child, but he was more cultivated and hard -working than the children of ordinary people. He once said: "When you are in your sleep, I have been working. When you are working, I have paid double your efforts."

He won the first place in more than 100 strong players in "The Strongest Brain", and the IQ opened.

Xueba He Junjun was not only that simple. He entered the Massachusetts Master of Finance in Massachusetts in 2016 and became the youngest student in history.

Real love is not doting, not over -protection, knowing how to let go is deep love.

If you can never cultivate a strong sapling in the greenhouse, you will let him go and let him fly.

Poet Ji Berlen once said that your child is actually not your child. They are children born to their desire for themselves.

They come to this world through you, but they are not because of you. They are by your side, but they do not belong to you.

Real good parents are not to stick to their children forever, make umbrellas for a lifetime, avoid hardships and avoid him.

Instead, he wants to launch the house, let him learn to endure hardships, and learn to live an independent and independent life.

Only when his parents are trying to learn to let go and exit in time, can he leave the "parent" comfort zone, he can see a wider sky, and he will have a broader vision and a larger pattern.

The greatest love for parents is to let go.

Letting children face everything independently can he truly hold the world.