Ningwu County held an creation of 2020-2022 provincial civilized city promotion meeting

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Ningwu County held an creation of 2020-2022 provincial civilized city promotion meeting

2021-11-24 22:46:15 17 ℃

On November 17, Ningwu County was created 2020-2022 provincial civilized city promotion meeting. Hou Junsheng, secretary of the Ningwu County Committee, presided over the meeting and speaking, the statush of the county party committee, the party committee of the Phoenix Town, Li Yong, the county party committee, the main person in charge of the relevant departments of the county, the party secretary of the township (town) party committee, party service center party Participation in the Secretary of the Work Committee.

Hou Junsheng pointed out: civilization is a city's business card, reflects the development level of the city, overall image and comprehensive competitiveness. First, it is necessary to correctly understand the significance of creating provincial civilized cities, self-sufficient pressure, and further set off the creation of boom. Creating a provincial civilized city is a specific action to implement the decision-making deployment of the municipal party committee, the municipal government and the county party committee, and the county government. It is an important start of improving the integrated urban integrated management level, the whole civilization of the public, and the people's happiness satisfaction is an important starter. High speed development has an extremely important role. All relevant departments in the county, township (towns) should unify our thoughts and actions to the city and county decision-making deployment, and go all out to promote the establishment of provincial civilized cities. Second, to mark the table, pick the renewal, and comprehensively do the foundation work. Creating a provincial civilized city is arduous, and the details are very important. It is necessary to increase the assignment, a one-piece short board, one link is seriously implemented, the hardware and software is synchronized, and the provincial civilized city has created power. Third, to form an atmosphere, all-round advancement, let the whole society become a representative of civilized image. It is necessary to promote the construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization, and organically integrate civilized urban construction and beautiful rural construction, actively create an atmosphere, so that provincial civilized cities create households, everyone participates. Fourth, we must strengthen leadership, clarify responsibilities, and condense the powerful synergies of creating provincial civilized cities. To establish "a chess" concept, coordinate linkage, unified step adjustment, unhappy, active as, establish and improve work mechanism, and ensure efficient advancement of provincial civilized cities. The main leaders should take responsibility for the first responsible person, coordinate arrangements, and forward the front command. It is necessary to combine the transformation of urban integrated management and cadre construction, and translate the "three-to-three" organism order and discipline and discipline rectification and rectification, the implementation of civilized urban management is effective, to create a safe, comfortable, civilized, and satisfied with the general masses of the county. Living environment.

Li Yong has made specific arrangements for the establishment of provincial civilized cities since the basic situation, clarify the task requirements, and clarify the three aspects of time nodes. He pointed out that 2018-2019, Ningwu was nominated as a provincial civilized city in Shanxi. It hopes that the county must have a higher standard, update initiative, and more difficult, unite and cooperate, attack hard, and solidly promote the creation of civilized cities. To create a civilized city, the people of the county, the people of the county, the benefit of the county, and pay a satisfactory answer to the county party committee, the county government and the people of the county! At the meeting, the county housing and construction bureau, the Education Science and Technology Bureau, the traffic police brigade, the main person in charge of the Market Supervision Bureau made a statement.