Musitary peaks, millions of migratory birds will fall in Jincheng

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Musitary peaks, millions of migratory birds will fall in Jincheng

2021-11-24 22:46:08 18 ℃

On November 23, the Municipal Planning Resources Bureau, the Binhai New District Government jointly held the launching ceremony of "Wildlife Publicity Month" in Tianjin City in Hong Kong Century Square. The theme of this publicity is "Caring for wild animals, maintaining biodiversity, ensuring ecological security." It is understood that Tianjin has entered the migratory bird to migrate transit and transit, and there will be thousands of southern migratory birds flying into the city for "replenishment" every day.

Tianjin is an important stop of the migration of East Asia to Australian migratory birds. There are millions of migratory birds to migrate transit. The reporter saw in the wetlands in the North Dapa, a group of swans in the golden reeds, foraging in the water, sometimes flying on the sky, after eating, and smashing the feathers, not far away, the wild geese The wild duck is also busy with food ... According to monitoring, since the fall of this fall, the number of wetland crossing migratory birds in the North Dachang, including the national level protection bird oriental white stork, the national secondary protective bird small swan, white Spoonbill, squeezing, seismic, white crane, heels, rolls, black wings, white tail, etc., cherish birds, have also appeared in the Northern Daruting Wetland.

This fall is flying in the Qiqihai Wetland. It is slightly in advance in previous years. At present, there are about more than 6,000 migratory birds observed in the next year. It is mainly based on Duck Birds, and there is a large number of national key to protect birds, of which the white toner is 400 Yu only, more than 200 vibrant pars, oriental white stork, swan and other quantities continue to increase. At present, Dahuangbao wetland transit migratory bird has reached more than 30,000. Recently, the grouped bird nature reserve ushered in a large number of egrets, herons, green ducks, white bones, etc., the number of populations is higher than the same period last year. It is expected that the end of November to late December, Tianjin will also usher in a large number of migratory birds, and the total number of migratory birds that migrate transit Tianjin will reach millions. (Tianjin Daily)