More than 8,000 national-funded system cadres in Beijing toned to warn education

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More than 8,000 national-funded system cadres in Beijing toned to warn education

2021-11-25 14:34:15 11 ℃

Wang Chao correspondent Shen Zejun, the National Supervision Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

"Don't worry, do things, do things, these three me have not been done." Zhang Nong, deputy secretary of the Beijing Sanitation Group after being investigated, and the general manager Zhang Nong, who thought of him has been forgotten in the corner. The motto.

Recently, the Party Committee of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of China held the full system warning education conference in the video form. The first agenda is to organize more than 8,000 national-funded cadres to watch the warning educational film "Lost", which is the protagonist of Zhangnong. Improve the case.

Gathering a circle of friends, old towns, comrades, enjoy "hunting"

Zhang Nongcai likes to create a lyrics, he wrote in a song: "Just step by step, along the idea, along the belief, go to tomorrow's glory." Reality, Zhangnongkes, have forgotten "advocate", abandoned belief, and completely a pair of models.

In 2014, Zhang Nong, who was responsible for the general manager of Sanitation Group, received the requester of the fellow villagers, and hit the system to enhance the number of urban solid waste disposal, and Jiangsu Longthen Paper Co., Ltd. conducted undertaking acquisition. For this decision, the group team has serious differences.

"He said that we have to reform and develop, who hinders reform and development, it is necessary to do anything to fight." The relevant person in charge of Beijing Sanitation Group said that "hindrance" and "struggle" in the eyes of Zhangnongke's eyes, who dares against him, he Use the power to attack who is personal attack. The Group's financial officers put forward the reservations, Zhang Nongke called the finance director overnight, threatened for more than two hours until the early morning.

The driving force of Zhang Nong, who is driving solely, is the benefits of Wangmou. "I sent him 300,000 for the first time. After a few months, I sent 1.2 million. In May 2016, I sent 1.5 million, a total of 3 million." Wang said.

In order to acquire and operate Longthen, the Sanitation Group has undertaked 730 million yuan of debt, follow-up financing plus flow funds invested nearly 10 billion, but the final benefits were not satisfactory.

Over the years, I gathered a circle of friends, old towns and comrades around Zhangnong. Under the "Circle People" intensive hunting offensive, Zhang Nong felt that the interaction with them was synthesized, water to the stream. The map of people in the circle, Zhang Nongjing also knows that the "hunt" is "hunt" because enjoying the "Wai", and willing to be their prey. According to the survey, in the bribe received by Zhangnong, bribery from fellows is nearly 10 million yuan.

430 people in place, informing 36 middle-level mid-level cadres, to knock on the police

"Since the warning education conference last year, there has been a total of 4034 people's petitions; 331 pieces of the problem of the problem; 917 people will be handled; 444 cases will be filed, and the party discipline is divided into 430 people ..." The General Assembly came to a state-owned state-owned enterprise system in one year. Typical cases in investigations, the reliance of political awareness is indifferent, the party's leadership is not sufficient, the responsibility of the party is not implemented, implementing the gap between the organization of the new era, violating the national provisions of the Central Committee, ban, internal control system There are 7 aspects of weak links, pushing inspection patrol and auditing supervision and improving the impact, and knocking the alarm for the participation cadres.

Beijing Xianglong's original party secretary, chairman Houzioli's convenience conditions, relying on enterprise to eat enterprises, big money transactions, seek other people in equity acquisition, equipment procurement, personnel arrangements Interest; the original accountant of the Beijing Can Group, the national army, the use of positions, using the position of the assets, bank deposits, purchase wealth management products, contracting projects and subordinate enterprises, for others, for others ... in the city In the 16-hour notification of the Party Committee of the State-owned Assets Supervision, Director Zhang Guilin, the city-owned system has been a typical case of 36 middle-layer government-visited cadres from Party disciplines in the past year.

"The General Assembly uses a fresh case to warn the state-owned system cadres to know respect, obsession. The person in charge of the State-owned Assets Supervision Commission in Changping District, in recent years, the district enterprises have made strong strongest, in the service guarantee area Economic and social development, improve people's livelihood, etc. Party organizations at all levels of the districts and resources will further strengthen the subject's responsibility, adhere to the problem-oriented, establish and improve the long-term mechanism of party members' education management, and resolutely remove the horses of the horses and do the problem rectification.

Primodial, providing a strong political guarantee for the reform of state-owned state-owned enterprises

Carry out the national-funded system warning education conference, with the people around you, not only the effective initiatives for the investigation of the "second half article", which is also a powerful grip of the cadres.

"To see the city's state-owned system anti-corruption struggle is still serious and complicated, implement the comprehensiveness of the party strategy is not in place, implementing 'two responsibility' is not solid, the grassroots party building the imagination weakened phenomenon still exists." Beijing Commission for Discipline Inspection Huang Xiaowen, director of the State-owned Committee of the State-owned Commission, said that it is necessary to find a gap in the case, and promote the truncation of the context, it is not dare to rot, can't rot, do not want to rot.

The second day after the national-funded system warning education conference, the Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Sanitation Group, presided over to convene a special party committee, convey the spirit of the study conference, and the members of the team should deepen the implementation of the party's party's main body responsibility, profoundlyLessons, resolutely clear the influence of the fluid, highlight the "key minority".Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Beijing Municipal Site Commission has completed 9 rounds of tourism, 3,180 questions, 3180 issues, and 91 issues, accountability to handle 140 party organizations, 2761 personnel, clear retreatThe funds are charged with a fund of 16.3 billion yuan, and the disposal of bad assets and the arrears of 1.67 billion yuan.The city management enterprise tourist examination party organized 723, 445 clues, and 50 accountability Party organizations, 1639 cadres, disposal of adverse assets and 1980 million yuan.