Li Dong, the topic listening to normalization, sweeping, evil work report

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Li Dong, the topic listening to normalization, sweeping, evil work report

2021-11-25 14:34:33 8 ℃

On November 24th, the party committee, deputy director of the Pu'er City Public Security Bureau, the deputy director of the Si Mao District Government, the director of the Branch, Li Dong, in-depth branch, and listened to the normalization of normalization and removal of the evil work report, focusing on the black removal Diffuse verification work. Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Director of the Director of the Branch, Director of the Party Committee of the Branch, director of the Command Center, deputy director of the Branch, Guo Ronggui, director of the Black Office, and the relevant personnel of the Black Office to participate in the meeting.

At the meeting, Li Dongshi listened to the report of the progress of the project, and learned about the specific situation, verification progress, research and analysis work, and proposed the next case investigation, clues verification work. Comments and talk to all staff of the black black. At the symposium, Li Dong, who fained the stage of scanning evil, express condolences to all staff's hard work, especially the responsibility and assignment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the county party staff, respect and gratitude, encourage Everyone firmly believes, clears the fist, and make persistent efforts to make new and greater contributions to the normalization of anti-black evil struggles.

As far as the normalization of anti-evil struggle, Li Dong, president, proposed six-point requirements: First, we must further improve the political station, put the anti-black and evil normalization as political events, people's livelihood, and carry out the anti-black removal in accordance with normalization The deployment of evil struggle is notified and implemented. The second is to further increase the case of the case investigation, strictly handle the case according to the law, ensure that each case is set into iron case; third, we must further increase the trail verification, establish a clue verification mechanism, use the legal, current clues The problem of checking the lowest rate must be resolutely reversed; four is to further increase the cooperation of public inspection law, strengthen communication and docking between the two checks, improve the effectiveness of the investigation; five, to further increase the rectification of key industries, Using the public security prompt letter, promote the implementation of duties and rectify the industry unit; six is ​​to further increase tracking and effectiveness, and the black-sweeping office should strengthen the coordination and supervision of the job work responsibility, and the work promotion is implemented.

Contributed: Command Center