Qilihe District: "Brush Face" home!Wisdom community is coming!

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Qilihe District: "Brush Face" home!Wisdom community is coming!

2021-11-25 14:32:43 15 ℃

In order to further accelerate the modernization, intelligence of the urban social governance. Recently, the Qilihe District Political and Legal Committee and the Public Security Bureau jointly provided "brush face" into the entrance system for eligible cells, and applied advanced digital information technology services to epidemic prevention and control, unlocking new models of social governance.

At present, the Gannan National Resources Community in Qilihe District has been enabled by the completion of the facial recognition access control system. Community residents can directly download the smart management platform "Mobile and Community" App, no key, access control card, "brush face" can enter the community. The face identification of the smart cell recognition access control is not only convenient for residents, but also improves the level of security. For some uncomfortable, do not like the owners of "brushing face", you can also brush the phone into and out.

The face recognition access is effective to reduce people's contact, and play a positive role in the prevention and control of epidemic. At the same time, it also achieves the full-time period, intelligent management, and truly construct "technical defense + civil air defense + service". Wisdom New Community. At the same time, on the basis of the construction of Zhime Community, the Qilihe District further places the functional positioning from intelligent prevention and control to service management, and extension the development of community remote monitoring, Zhi'an Community App, Zhi'an home, good police, health, health The functions such as medical and property management have realized social governance and organic integration of public services.