Cold Water Beach: People's Mediation Team Solution "瘩"

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Cold Water Beach: People's Mediation Team Solution "瘩"

2021-11-25 14:34:01 11 ℃

Yongzhou News Net News (correspondent Huang Li Yin Zhou Xiaolong) Yongzhou Cold Suita Village Village Village, Tang Xianyou, inhanding, caught down from the house when helping the old caps. Tang Xianyou has a disabled wife. The homeowner is strictly old, and there is a mental son. The family conditions of both parties are not good. The amount of compensation, funeral fees, mental loss fees, etc. are never reached at all.

After in-depth communication, the "good neighbor" mediator of the old Yutou Village found the conflict of both parties, using "face-to-face" "one-on-one" family feeling, the french situation, the transposition, the side is comfortable, the dredges are advised to speak the family, one side to the house The main stricken is the ideological work, and eventually makes the two sides to make a mediation agreement.

"Good neighbor" mediator is a people mediation team consisting of local new township or volunteers. At present, 178 administrative villages (communities) in the whole district have set up "good neighbor" mediation room, and 739 mediators have been hired, and there have been successfully adjusted more than 2,000 contradictions.

Since this year, Yongzhou Cold Water Beach District has built the "five old" mediation team of the Political and Legal, that is, the retired old judge, the old prosecutor, the old police officer, the old judicial administrative personnel, the old lawyers, the feelings, experience, understand the law It can effectively solve a group of mediation teams that have highlighted petitions, contradiction disputes. At present, 32 political and law "five old" personnel in the region, the residential rival visits mobile contact work in the township (street), village (community).

Li Huawa, member of the Standing Committee of the Cold Beach District Committee of Yongzhou City, said Li Huinlin, said that in the country to promote "good neighbors" (new township) + political and legal "five old" mediation work, in the urban area, "Good Neighbors" (Volunteers) + Political Law " "Mediation work, in-depth development of contradiction disputes, to ensure that contradiction disputes have found in germination, resolve in the grassroots, strive to form the grassroots social contradictions and disputes, do not leave the village, big events, the new pattern of social governance, and contradictions.