County headlines | Xin'an Branch full sprint for the fourth quarter

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County headlines | Xin'an Branch full sprint for the fourth quarter

2021-11-25 14:32:18 13 ℃

On November 23, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau Xin'an Branch held the fourth quarter's key work sprint promotion meeting, fully opposite the annual assessment task, it is insufficient, finds the gap, makes shortboard, mobilization and motivate everyone to work with more strict work style , More active initiatives, greater work, decisive, decisive, to ensure that the full target task is successful.

The meeting pointed out that everyone should further improve their ideological understanding, drumming, all departments, unity and cooperation, big dry forty days, sprint in the fourth quarter. To take advantage of the city, counties to open the indicators and annual work tasks, combat shortboard gaps by item by item, find out the problem of problem, calculate time account, task account, make full use of this last 40 days, gram is difficult to attack, go all right Good year work tasks.

The meeting requires that further focuses on the annual target task, win the good pollution prevention and control. For the work of the whole year, take "three single system" (list of questions, listings, time limit list), establish a work desk account, and the map operation is implemented. Press and hold the promotion meeting, scheduling, strengthen dispatch, supervision, exposure, talks, and rapidly promote the implementation of pollution prevention and control. For the presence of perfunctory, pushing, resolutely launched the "four investigation" to ensure that the quality of the county continued improvement through a series of measures to ensure continued improvement in the quality of the county ecological environment.

It is necessary to further strengthen the development of the judgment and do the implementation of air quality control measures. Combine the expert group and branch's research and force, implement accurate research, accurate the warning and control measures to each point, each business, every road. Focus on increasing 49 vocs enterprises, more than 40 gas stations, supervision and regulatory efforts, timely adjustment of vocal construction work hours, strengthening the supervision and approval of nighttime heavy vehicles, strengthening the cratering service industry oil emission control, truly achieving scientific policy , Strong dispatch, precise control, strict inspection.

It is necessary to further use the "environmental protection + mechanism", scientific pollution, precision pollution. Use "environmental protection + electricity", environmentally friendly + meteorological "and" environmental protection + public security "three mechanisms, severely combating all environmental illegal activities, and reduce the emissions of pollutants.

It is necessary to deepen the prevention and control of pollution. Strengthen system planning, focusing on the focus of the atmosphere, water environment, soil pollution control, strengthening ecological protection, do a good job in the problem rectification, adhere to precision pollution, scientific pollution, according to law, and hit blue sky with higher standards, clear water, Pure land defense war.

It is necessary to build an ecological environment to protect the iron army. Adhere to the strict primary base, seriously within the party's political life, continue to carry out the "Party history" learning education, strengthen the anti-sub-anti-corruption, solidify the work of the work style, comprehensively promote the party's construction, effectively change the style, improve the ability , Focus on "political strong, high-quality, hard work, dare to take, especially able to suffer, especially able to fight, specially dedication" ecological environmental protection iron army.