Bi Fumin, secretary of the Yicheng District Party Committee, Zhumadian City, inaccessive to the jurisdiction

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Bi Fumin, secretary of the Yicheng District Party Committee, Zhumadian City, inaccessive to the jurisdiction

2021-11-25 14:34:03 16 ℃

Image Network News (Reporter Huang Xiangyang trainee, Ma Jingge correspondent Yang Junxiao Zhang Tian) On November 24th, Bi Fumin, secretary of the Yucheng District Party Committee, Zhumadian City, gave the investigation and safety production. Zhang Dewu, Director of District Committee, Zhang Dewu, Regional Committee, Standing Committee of the District Committee, Chang Zi Rui, deputy director, Li He Ling, together.

In Tianlong Grand Hotel, Bi Fumin has a dealt of boiler equipment, implementing a detailed understanding and inspection of special equipment safety management systems, personnel control, equipment inspection and hidden dangers.

In the district fire rescue brigade, Bi Fu people condolences to fire-fighting warfare, and walked into the fire rescue command center to inspect the operation of fire information system, and fully affirmed the fire rescue brigade in team construction, rescue level, style construction.

In the Trade Square, Bi Qimmin viewed the illegal construction and demolition and fire escape channel cleaning.

In the survey, Bi Fumin emphasized that the safety production work is related to the safety of the people and the harmony and stability of the social overall situation, and must be closed. The relevant unit must grasp the key part of the personnel, the flammable and easy-to-explosive position, "three-in-one", "three-in-one" "multi-purpose" places, etc., focus on the key links, etc. At the bottom of the decoration, iron wrists shut down, iron governance, and resolutely prevent safety accidents. Related companies should improve fire facilities, strengthen knowledge training, build strong professional teams, and achieve fire safety, no dead angle, full coverage. To compact responsibility, resolutely follow the requirements of "party and government matsu, one post, Qi Qi, and consume the resulinage", compare the management responsibility, departmental supervision responsibility, the main responsibility of the production and operation unit, strict supervision law enforcement, dynamic tracking Quitably, do not relax, responsibility is not loose, work is not easy, resolutely prevent and curb all kinds of accidents, and effectively protect the lives and property of people.

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