Hunting and fire: When the wild boar is flooding, you may wish to review the power of civil organizations.

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Hunting and fire: When the wild boar is flooding, you may wish to review the power of civil organizations.

2021-11-26 00:07:42 6 ℃

At present, the number of wild pigs in my country is too large, frequently produced in villages and farmers production and living areas, causing crops such as crops, and conflicts and contradictions between local residents, causing high concern.

There are more jungles in the flood of wild boars. As the National Forest Herb Bureau pointed out that with the implementation of natural forest protection, returning farmland, nature reserves and wild animal plant protection, wild animal habitats continued to improve, wild boar and other wildlife populations continued to grow, The scope of foraging and other activities have expanded, resulting in the more frequent harmful events, has become the most harmful range of wildlife.

In such mountainous regions, villagers need to resist wild boars that are harming crops, and also need to prevent forest fire spread. In Fujian, there is a folk fire team that is transformed from folk hunting team. Regardless of the hunting team or the fire brigade, it comes from the essence of mountains to eat. But as young people lost, the skills of the villagers and mountains have resolved, perhaps it is a more essential dilemma. Can you get the tradition of civil society?

The following is part of the "He Fire" in 2019, "Have the Fire", the original title is "Horizon in Township".

Left: In the 1960s, the hunting team in the town; right: The fire from the beginning of the century, from the hunting team.

In the southeastern mountainous area of ​​Fujian, I saw the fire in the firefighter's mobile phone. Fire and smoke out of the rough shape of the trees and hillside in the night. The scene is very similar to the Amazon forest fire in the other end of the earth. So, I suddenly understood the provision of the fire on the video that cannot be rumored.

The young firefire is a water and electricity, and is paving wires for the new school buildings in the nearby town.

He has just paved the electric wire to the new building of the primary school in the town of next door. He was born in 1988 and is the youngest member in this 20-person fire. The village town here is surrounded by the mountains, and there is a fire in the mountains near the towns, and often call the fire in his own. In the past, there were often things that burned fire, they had frequent mountain to fire. He followed his father going up the mountain because he worried that his father had a flash, and later he became a firefighter. He said, followed by the old player, listening to the command and hitting, novice can slowly learn. Experienced players in the team have played for several hundred fires.

Fujian Yumi, Linjiatang, there is a team rules for hunting teams.

The fields and plastic films were taken away from the wild boar on the mountain.

The predecessor of this fire brigade is a hunting team. There is a record in the Talent Temple. At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, Lin surnamed a name, opened in the mountain. And the vegetables in the ground have been eating a wild boar. In order to protect, Lin Jia's intense man will set a hunting team, initially safeguarded home field, and later went to other villages to help because of many wild beasts. The clan has been customized in the rules, and it will be soldiers. In recent years, this team turned into a fire brigade in recent years. Before getting government subsidies, it has always been a spontaneous obligation to fire. This is a tradition in their opinion. When the hunting team was set up, the big banyan tree in the town is now a branch of the branches. Several old firefighters, the brow drums, told me the forest land on the hill, and the rules of the hunting in the early years. They said that now there are less people in the mountains, but as the environment becomes better, the wild boar is more, not only eats their own melons, and some will run into the bus station. Unfortunately, it will not be hunt now.

Linjia Temple, the moment is still a place to hold a ceremony.

The average age of firefire is four or five years old, engaged in all walks of life. There are farmers who grow in the mountains, they will go up the mountain next day; and the one of the water and electric shears, it is a mud waterman. Some people as a police officer, some people fish, some people drive. Someone is one of the shareholders of the slaughterhouse. The captain is a party member, veterans. Mountain, climate and terrain in Guangdong and Fujian. Each village has a forestman and a corresponding patrol route. In case it is discovered that the fire, the forest operator is inseparable, it is necessary to report that the superior department moves the corresponding fire. The fire that came to firefighter was not familiar with the landform, and it was also from the village.

The predecessor's predecessor is a hunting team. For the field of guarding the villagers, the big banyan tree in the village is the establishment of the team.

After receiving the command to dispatch, the captain sent a message in WeChat group, let everyone go to the meeting, which is more convenient than before, but there is also a sense of ritual. The tool to catch fire is iron sweep, in the mountains, it is difficult to go, the water can't bring it, unlike the water gun, water, water, and water. In these two years, there are more wind fire extinguishers, as well as fire bombs. The mountains have nothing to do everywhere, and the smoke is full of fire, and it is easier to get lost. Entering the mountain, just this, you need a skill. The firefighters and I said, I have to do a mark, the chopper is taken out, the tree will go back, come back here. Being forward in the mountains, be sure to make a mark along the road. I really feel that there is a strangeness, just cut a tree, put on the roadside.

The old man just retired from the fire. He went to the mountain, and he took a pole, and the spirit was 矍.

Banner hanging on the mountain.

In the mountain to see the terrain, judge the relationship between mountains, wind and fire. If the fire is big, the wind is shaved from the bottom of the mountain, and the whole mountain will slip. The old firefighter has a bamboo to make me a stroke: If the mountain is very steep, the grass is very secret, can't go straight, you have to go to the fire; when you just get angry, the firepower will be very fierce, you can burn a little, , Engage in a small route; at some time, you can divide the two teams, ten people, to attack the fire, and the fire is destroyed. They said that they listen to the command actions, basically there is nothing dangerous. The commander has a book cheat in his heart. Other firefire members have also have strengths. For example, some people have a good way, if the county leaders go to the front line, they have to bring the way, free from being lost. Starting in 2013, the county is organized every year. The players believe that the team experienced the words and teaching in practice, nor does it have to train frequently. A firefighter is placed on the mountain, and he is discussing how to repair the way.

On the town of Yuguang, the Desax Building in the ferry.

In response to the fire, the firefighters cannot work out, can only find livelihoods around the town. Every time you meet the fire, you will be subsidized according to the time. The mountain is fired for one day, subsidized 100 yuan, if you come back to the next day, add the time of misunderstanding. 100 yuan for 100 yuan phone bills per month. At the end of the year, there were 300 yuan condolences. Compared with the money for more than 200 yuan, this money is smashing. This kind of fire force is required in place. If the fire is too large, the locally can't be solved, and it will be adjusted from nearby. Foreign teams and local teams, each listening to their commanders. Since 2011, the New Year's Eve, there are fires in the New Year, and this fire brigade has completed the fire, the county is in the county, and only the work of the tube fire. Young firefire remembers, two fires twice in 2018, and several teams participated in the county, playing a whole night. The next day, the legs are soft, the rubber sole is hot. When you come out, you will be black and black, I don't know how to climb over the evening.

In the town, it is used as a house in the house, nailed to the fire alarm.

In recent years, this fire brigade fired for five or six times a year. In the first year, if it is frost, the grass is dry, and the rain is not much in the second year, it is easier to fire. In the past, there were many people working on the mountain, often fire; Qingming winter solstice worships the ancestors, paper money is blown away by the wind, and will be a fire.

However, in the first half of 2019, he didn't have a fire. Maybe there may be less people.

Whether hunting or fire, it is guarding this place. Like other places, young people in the township often go out. Even if you stay in the town, you may not be willing to join the fire. The reason why the young firefire is left, and some of them is to take care of their father - a retired old firefighter. I don't know where the next batch of power is going to find. Some people say that the future may still be a full-time firefighters, and it can be done well, at least to give treatment or preparation.

In the ancestral hall, the historical information of the hunting team.

I saw a photo, which took a photo in front of Linjiazu, a few years ago. Some people cross helper cars, some people held the second tool, and they had bloused, but they were cool. They are like the characters from the martial arts tablets, and they have hidden in the troubles on weekdays, but when they are coming, they can rush into the fire, and protect the house.