The city's public security organs held the first party to the 11th Party Congress, security work deployment meeting

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The city's public security organs held the first party to the 11th Party Congress, security work deployment meeting

2021-11-26 00:05:47 17 ℃

On November 24th, the Pu'er City Public Security Bureau held the first party of the Ministry of Public Security, the first party congress, security work deployment meeting, for the province's eleventh party congress security and the city's public security organs, strong political, effectiveness, and heavy Results "Special Inspector Work for re-arrangement, and then deploy.

At the meeting, the deputy mayor of the Pu'er City, the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Zhu Yu, asked to improve the ideological understanding of security and stability. It is necessary to always tighten the safety and stability of this string, carry forward the spirit of struggle, strengthen the bottom line thinking, and strictly do a good job in the implementation of all security and stability measures, and ensure that the city's social overall situation continues to stabilize. Carefully organize public security hitting rectification actions, highlight the crime of crime crimes that seriously affect the sense of security and involve the crime of "yellow gambling" violations of law and crime of social air, and endangering the people's livelihood. Centralized rectification of rural security chaos. Comprehensively strengthen social patrol prevention and control, strictly implement the key time, the armed police line patrol mechanism and "1, 3, 5 minutes" rapid response requirements, maximize the police force to the street, turn to the complexity of public security, prevent weak areas And time, improve the police rate and the cost rate. Actively develop the emergency management, transportation, market supervision, education, etc. Theft was robbed or lost.

We must grasp the real border control epidemic prevention and control. Further strict border management measures, integrate public security, militia, medical care, strong edge solid-defense team, group defense group, etc. The synergistic tube system, relying on the "three defenses" construction results, depth into the special actions against cross-border illegal crimes, and strictly play various cross-border crimes. Under the unified leadership of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Command, focus on "non-rebound, non-proliferation, non-spread" goals, and play the work advantage of public security organs, and actively serve the overall situation of the epidemic prevention and control.

It is necessary to carry out special inspections on "strong political, effectiveness, and resume". The city's public security organs must attach great importance to the further improvement of political ability. The work concept has further changed, and the work performance is further improved. The results are further distinguished, and the party's 20 major security is stabilized as the main line, fully implement public security key work and governance measures , The project is promoted, and the special inspector work is achieved.

To do a good job in checking the deficiencies. It is necessary to maintain work tenuring, and seriously do not disconnect the annual assessment task laid on the party committee of the Municipal Party Committee and the Provincial Department of the Provincial Department. Strengthen internal management of the public security team. Leaders at all levels should stick to the front line, with the former command, strictly enforce the 24-hour duty duty system to ensure that the efficient should be disposed of. Effectively do a good job in internal security and stability, prevent major events in various types of illegal issues and impact internal security. Adhere to the combination of strict assumption and from preferential treatment, scientifically arrange duty, reasonable use of police force, and care for the long-term adherence to the security, epidemic prevention and control, border control, the first line of the grassroots police. Vigorously publicize the vivid deeds of the public security police to stick to the post, selfless dedication, and constantly inspire the enthusiasm and initiative of the public security police.

Jin Zhifeng, deputy secretary of the party committee of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, stressed that the spirit of the conference should be transmitted to every police staff, and have a good job of implementing the implementation of various measures, and go all out to invest in the provincial party congress security. To strengthen the supervision of the security of security and political supervision and "strong political, effectiveness, and resume resove", strengthen supervision and inspect, strengthen tracking, and effectively improve the implementation force and implementation. It is necessary to strictly control the work objectives, take self-examination item by item, and further refine, quantify, solidify, and further subscribe to the unfinished work tasks, and make sure to ensure that security tasks and annual work tasks have been successfully completed.

Wu Qiang, deputy secretary of the party committee of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the director of the Political Department, reported on the "strong political, promotional energy, and resove" special inspector program.

The party committee of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the border management detachment, the border management detachment, and the main leaders of the Municipal Bureau of the Municipal Bureau participated in the meeting, and the meeting opened to the county (district) Public Security Bureau in the video form.