Men En will enrich, kill the benefactor, rob it his wife, and the two live together for more than 100 days.

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Men En will enrich, kill the benefactor, rob it his wife, and the two live together for more than 100 days.

2021-11-26 00:07:23 6 ℃

In life, we all know the truth of Zeenu, but how many people can do it? In the following, there is a man not only not reporting, but also the enemy, it is really unhappy, a man killed his son's dry father, and robbed the child's dried mother, what hate made the man so vicious? Let's take a look together.

This thing said, the year, Li Yuanpeng just divorced, with the child in the temple meeting, and the child was accidentally lost in the temple, this to the benefactor Zheng Ping and his wife Dong Lin also participated in the temple fair, see a child and The parents have lost their children everywhere, and finally did not find it, I had to go to the police station, and the child father also reported the case, just in the police station, Li Yuanpeng's couple I am very grateful, saying that there is a chance to repay people. Zheng Ping said that this is a little thing, don't care too much, and Li Yuanpeng insisted on the contact information of the other party, and the two couples helplessly left the contact, and also buried the roots of the husband and wife.

After Li Yuanpeng asked to visit the door many times, repaying the people. Both of the husband and wife are refused, but Li Yuanpeng has a passionate two people who have not been refused, and I promised him to visit. Seeing a child to come with his father to visit, the enthusiastic Zheng Ping also bought some children's clothes to welcome them. Li Yuanpeng has been passionate about the family, and the two people are also chatting.

Li Yuanpeng said: "I have been divorced with my wife, the child has no mother, according to some kinds of etiquette in the countryside, I will take my child to your home, give you a son." Zheng Ping did not refuse, I feel like this. It is also a good thing, so Li Yuanpeng believes that the son recognizes Dong Lin as a son. In this way, the two people walking more and more frequent, and they will visit the holidays.

For a long time, the original pure feelings changed, and Li Yuanpeng often took the child to Zheng Pingjia to be a guest, and once together, once Zheng Ping is not at home, after the food is full, Dong Lin has a relationship with Li Yuanpeng. The two also developed into lovers, frequent calls of communication. How does this good friendship have developed into a lover relationship? As the saying goes, "fly does not seamless eggs". It turned out that, Dong Lin's marriage had a problem, and Li Yuanpeng just became a person who ruled emptiness and pain.

Dong Lin said that it was very bad for that time, and the husband was quarreled every day, plus Li Yuanpeng and stood on a boat. It was not so fear in the face of divorce. In the face of the police asked, Li Yuanpeng also said that Dong Lin gave me a call. I have a space to come to me at home.

The private feelings of the two are also known as Zheng Ping. Looking at the face of the child, I chose to forgive my wife. Dong Lin also said that it was regretted, and decided not to contact Li Yuanpeng. Li Yuanpeng saw Dong Lin ignored himself, he did not agree, I felt that I was played by Dong Lin, saying that she will marry me if she promises to divorce, I have been waiting for her, but Dong Lin said, I said, I said. There was no promise to him, I have said that I have said that I have been with him. Later, my mother was sick. I didn't want to divorce. There is still an old man at home. There are two children below, I think about it, but I can't let go. everything of.

Li Yuanpeng refused to let go, three times five times on the door entanglement, during the period, there is still a limb conflict with Dong Lin, the resentment of the two sides is also very deep, Li Yuanpeng said: "It's all she hurts me, I love her too much, I didn't have her. I can't eat it, I don't want to do it, not her, I will not kill Zheng Ping. I feel that I have been playing for such a mother. If she is married to others, I will wait for her. I refuse everyone, who knows that she is so dead, I want to die. "

After killing Zheng Ping, robbed Donglin, riding a motorcycle, it is more than 100 days after the incident, the two live in a very simple house. During this period, Li Yuanpeng did not take Mandatory for Donglin. Detained, but she has never reported to the police until the police arrested Li Yuanpeng, she released. Dong Lin's book has a good family, because he is self-immolation, damages the husband, and causing the family to break.