100 seconds, in the end!See Fujian's five years of transportation

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100 seconds, in the end!See Fujian's five years of transportation

2021-11-26 00:07:46 20 ℃


Editor's press:

On November 26, the 11th Party Congress of Fujian Province will be held. Strive for the new way, and the new articles are condensed. What changes have you happened around? Lin Land became "gathering treasure cub", the train opened to "do do the door", the whole body is "Fujian" ... Provincial Committee Network Office, People's Daily Department Fujian Branch, People's Network Fujian Channel, People's Daily Digital Communication (Fujian) Company Union Launched a series of short video - "see Fujian for five years." Through the people's network host immersed scene experience, take you into a high gratifying change in Fujian's five years of ecological, transportation, industrial, culture and other fields. Today, let's talk about "seeing the five years of Fujian".

In the past, Fujian said, "Dao Dao is more difficult than the Dao".

How difficult is Minzao? Mountain, Mountain, many natural roads in Fujian.

Open the mountain, the waterway is smooth, it is a dream of Fujian people in the past. In order to go out, Fujian people have opened the mountains, in case of water frame, breakthrough, until eight-八.

Fuxia high-speed rail, the first cross-sea high-speed rail, tunnel is 80%. Fujian people attack hard, cross the bay, wearing tunnels, will eventually achieve Fuzhou to Xiamen only 50 minutes. - Fujian distance into the era of urban agglomeration, close.

Pingtan Strait Highshire Bridge, the world's longest cross-strait public iron two bridge. The Fujian people have been consumed in the past 7 years, "", "Jianqiao Zhihu Forbidden Zone", the "hard bones" of the Haiza Strait of the World's Three Tropical Haizhou Province. - Sit high-speed rail to Taipei, fast.

Pingtan Straits Public Railway Dual Bridge Fujian Daily Reporter Lin Hui / Photo

Xingquan Railway Xingguo to Qingflow Section, Puxi Railway Junning to Guanshan Section opened, marking Ninghua in the county of Fujian, the county, and clearing through the railway era. - Take a red development express train, revolutionary old district, "live".

From 2016 to 2020, Fujian "two vertical three horizontal" integrated transportation channels have been completed: railway operation mileage increased to 3774 kilometers, all the districts and city Hetan Comprehensive Experimental Zone Tongtong Vehicle, Fuzhou, Xiamen into the "Metro Age"; The total mileage of the expressway is increased to 5635 kilometers. It realizes more than 80% of land towns and towns. It has conveniently high-speed, high-speed road density nationwide third; 79 of the International and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Airlines; 184 deep water berths above the 10,000 tons.

Difficult to Dao, I have already become a past. Today, Fujian Road Network Tongda, the people have been going to be more convenient, set up the city bus, subway can be moved; all build villages achieve 100% passenger bus ...

As the saying goes, get rich, first repair. In Fujian, it is effective to serve the economic and social development of economic and social development in Fujian.

For example, Duan Dong Ningde. "Old and less, the road is around the mountain. The railway is dotted, and the car is one way." Talking about the transportation of the past, the people in the sideworthy are unlimited. There is no three feet in the ground, and the traffic is the largest bottleneck in Ningde. It takes more than 4 hours from Ningde to the provincial capital Fuzhou.

The first train of the Cangning Railway passed through Ningde West Pond Crosshair Bridge. Xu Wei Zhang Wenki photo

For example, Longyan, the old area of ​​the old district. The heavy mountain is the old man to the world, and the open road barrier is open.

"To promote the full revitalization of the old district, the old district of the residential industry is promoted, infrastructure construction and public service guarantee." General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized.

Today, Ningde has already happened the earth-shaking change, convenient transportation, and a good situation of high growth, effective improvement; today's Longyan, the modern integrated transportation system construction fast horses, further broadening the opening The channel, struggling to write the village revitalization of the old district.

The road passed, the city "friends circle" is more and more expanded; the road is connected, the economic line is more energetic.

Dao Road is still extension. In the next five years, Fujian people can expect, longer, and the net "211" traffic circle life.

Note: "211" traffic circle, refers to the 2-hour city of Fujian Province, Fuzhou, Xiamen Spring, two major urban circles, 1 hour commutation, zone to all counties, and counties, townships and towns. 1 hour basics .

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Review: Yang Chaozhi

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