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Improve window service

2021-11-26 00:06:26 17 ℃

In the face of the sudden new crown epidemics, the Qi Lihe Branch of the Lanzhou City Public Security Bureau, the whole people of the Director of the Entry and Exit Management Brigade do not let the eyebrows, all put into the first-line anti-vloanosis. As a unit of the whole unit, the brigade has always been arranged in accordance with the branch office, and the requirements of the various epidemic prevention work will be arranged. As the bureau support a police force, active active active action, participated in the sealing task of the jurisdiction, stick to the duty Point. As the epidemic is stable, the Entry and Exit Management Brigade strictly implements the work requirements of the Municipal Bureau on the completion of the residential production, and in order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic. For applicants who need emergency handle tickets during the epidemic, do the "Online Office, Appointment Office", fully meet the needs of the masses, do the service, prevention and control.

01 stick to window positions, refine service measures

Since the epidemic, the brigade has never fully paused window service, still handling the entry and exit documents related to the masses in the telephone reservation. After the pre-preparation work, November 15, the Qili River entry and exit office hall took the lead in resume window service in the city. In order to ensure the order of the window certificate during the epidemic, the brigade first is to contact the applicant in advance, telling it that it is ready to apply for the application materials, and assign a special person to carry out "one-on-one" service, realize instant office, let go; When the business is handled, the staff strictly requires the staff to wear masks, goggles, gloves, set a good one-meter line, persuade the masses to wait, reduce unnecessary communication, achieve one person to kill each other; three is to do when receiving the masses Good information registration, body temperature detection, check health code, trip code, etc., strictly control the entry. Since the normal work of the hall, there is a total of 450 people / time, and the masses appointment business is 70. Pass 39 pieces.

02 open green channels, to help recover production

On the morning of November 15, Ms. Liu came three to the entrance and exit hall to apply for travel to and Hong Kong and Macao pass, claiming to go to Macau to accompany the child to participate in the SAT test. Since the test time is approaching, you need to get the Hong Kong and Macao pass as soon as possible, and Ms. Liu also brought the admission ticket, the unit certificate and other materials. After the window staff understands the situation, immediately please report to the "Green Channel" to open a "green channel" to the three-Hong Kong and Macao passes for the "Green Channel". After the completion is completed, the staff will be approved for the first time and pay close attention to the progress of the documents. On November 19, Ms. Liu took the document and expressed his gratitude to the team's work efficiency and staff service attitude. Recently, in response to abroad, visit relatives need urgent handling of documents, Qili River Entry Management Brigade actively acts as a "green channel" / time to open "green channel" / time for the masses.

No winter will not pass, no spring will not come. On the road of anti-investigation and control of anti-investigation, assist in completing the proof production, the Plenary auxiliary police actual auxiliary police action of the Qili River Branch of the Lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau interpret the responsibilities and responsibility of the people's police.