Fushun pension service has good things.

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Fushun pension service has good things.

2021-11-26 00:08:10 14 ℃

Fushun Media Network News (Reporter Gairi) Recently, the reporter learned from the Citizen Political Bureau to fully improve the comprehensive capacity of home and community old-age service, and continuously improve the service function of the pension service, this year, through the government procurement tender, municipal civil affairs The establishment of the old-age service smart information platform was completed and put into use at the end of October.

Platform collective network, Internet, cloud computing, big data, etc. Waiting for the means, the home pension, community pension, institutional pension is included in the platform management, including a module, supervision and supervision, statistical analysis and other modules, to achieve the city, county, district, and street interconnection, the city's pension The real-time pension service of the service supervision "a network", the operation service, cracked the segmentation of the pension service and the difficulty of supervision.

Among the subsidies supervision of the pension institution, the platform system is entitled to the employment of the entry and refined hospital, and the use of terminal equipment to identify, register, and form an elderly file. In the two-year-old face inspection, the pension is compared with the identity information of the elderly in the system, and the system is compared and positioned by system certification, avoiding repetitive subsidies, deceiving after death. happened. Through the platform system, the pension institution can apply for the application of operation subsidies, and the competent departments at all levels look at the investigation of various agencies in real time, realize online regulatory approval, greatly improve work efficiency and ensure accurate subsidies. On the service, launch "Yi Yang Ru Shu" WeChat applet, set up check-in, identity authentication, daily inspection, pension minimal mini classes, pension maps, one-button consultation, online reservation, old man or family The service reservation on the "Yi Tianlu Sushun" platform is based on their needs, and the service enterprise is arranged within 24 hours.