Officially started demolition!Jinan Central City Important Plug

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Officially started demolition!Jinan Central City Important Plug

2021-11-26 00:05:50 12 ℃

November 22nd

Shangxin Street District City Update Project

Housing collection decision officially decided

The project officially launched the demolition of residents

This is the city of Jinan approved.

The first project issued a decision

According to the bottom, Shangxin Street City Update Project is taken in a total of 606 households, with a total construction area of ​​approximately 330,000 square meters, and Jinan City Development Group City Update Co., Ltd. is established in Jinan City Investment Group Co., Ltd. City, Municipal Urban Update Co., Ltd. will be the implementation of the project, responsible for the smooth implementation of the overall protection project.

Shangxin Street is located in the south side of the Shuquan Park. It is close to Quancheng Square. It is superior in the geographical location. It is an out of print plot in the central city of Jinan. The existing building in the district is mainly based on the bungalow built before and after the founding of New China, and the long-term and lack of the facilities, there is a large safety hazard, and the desire to renovate the surrounding residents is very strong.

The implementation of the urban update project in the new street area will accelerate the implementation of Jinan "Zhongde" strategy, realize the style of origin protection and cultural inheritance of the old city, effectively improve and improve the living conditions of residents in the new street district, and improve regional energy levels and cities. Image, promoting high quality development in the city.

Jinan City Development Group as a municipal-level functional platform, will further play a key role in the "Sino-Optical" strategy, and implement historical architectural protection, old community renovation, and improvement, With this coordinated city, improve the environmental improvement of human living environment, and actively and safely implement urban organic updates in the new street area.