Fuzhou a primary school 300 yuan inferior school uniform, wear in a day, the school is "dominant" by the home committee

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Fuzhou a primary school 300 yuan inferior school uniform, wear in a day, the school is "dominant" by the home committee

2021-11-26 00:08:08 8 ℃

The school uniforms are an important memory of everyone to school. It used to be "ugly" impression on school universities. The previous school uniforms are all fat and big, the color is also a bit, not red and white, it is blue and white, nothing new.

With the improvement of social substances, students' school uniforms are also better and better, all kinds of English, Japanese style enters people's sight, each school gradually started to highlight their own style, uniforms into a beautiful scenery .

However, the school uniforms causing the public not to pay attention to the "high quality", but often is not very good quality, some school uniforms have been exposed to use black heart cotton, and some school uniforms contain plastic paper, which makes people surprised.

Fuzhou a primary school 300 yuan inferior school uniform, wear a day

Fuzhou a primary school 300 yuan of school uniforms, students wear a day, wear it, the pants are completely open, and even the fabric is completely collapsed, and they are not underneath, and the clothes are also missed.

Pupils' clothes 300 yuan are not very cheap, and now the school uniforms are divided into spring and autumn, winter, summer, and then change after elevation, such quality is also worrying.

Regarding the issue of school uniforms, there is a parent reaction in almost every year, but it is still there. This parent will release the situation to the Internet. The netizens have seen very indignant. Some netizens said that their children's school uniforms 90 yuan, It is not bad for a few years, and 300 is indeed such quality, it is indeed a lifelike.

Parents are also supporting children for school uniforms, such results are also cold, and they can't trust the school.

The school is "dominant" by the home committee? Who should be responsible for inferior school uniforms

The local education bureau conducted a survey for issues, the relevant person in charge said that after the school is communicated with the home committee, after the rejection of the home committee, the manufacturer of the bidding is randomly selected.

The school also believes that the problem of the parent reaction is a very different quality problem, and it is found that such a situation can communicate with the school and exchange.

It can be seen from the school's response that the school believes that the school uniforms are the "pot" of the home committee. It is only "obedient to do things". Many netizens believe that the attitude of the school is uninord.

According to the school, you will have a trust in the school, and the school uniform should be in strict quality inspection before sending to the student's hand. This situation should never appear.

Is there a "dominant" school? The home committee is generally just with the school's work. The choice of suppliers is still to take care of themselves. The school uniform problem is not a small thing. The responses given by this school cannot be convinced.

School uniforms are not only unified, but also related to students' health

The initial purpose of the school uniform is to unify the packages of the students. At the time of collective activities, they will showcase good positive spiritual faces, and they can improve the students' collective honor and the sense of belonging to the school, which also helps to cultivate good school winds.

When the students put the same school uniforms, they will not form a climbing psychology in the clothing, especially for adolescent students, allows students to focus on learning.

Some schools are required to wear schools during school, and will wear 5 days a week, and the school uniform will be said to be a second layer of skin. If the quality of the school uniform is not limited, the cloth contains some ingredients that exceeds the standard or not in line with standards It will also cause damage to the health of the students.

Especially for some low-grade students, their bodies are still developing, summer school uniforms have long straight contact with the skin, once there is unhealthy ingredient, the harm is unimaginable.

Parents should pay more attention to school uniforms, they can inspect quality from these aspects.

Although the school uniform order is the responsibility of the school, it is necessary to pay more attention to the parents. After the school uniforms, they should check their own, and there is a quality problem to respond to the relevant departments.

About Brands and Tags: Query the brand of the school uniforms, look for regular sales outlets and manufacturers, after the school uniforms, check the label, do you have anti-counterfeiting logo, understand the clothes ingredients, see if there is a use instructions and production models, especially pay attention to the product Implementation standards and security categories.

Appearance and odor: After opening the school uniform, check if there is a stain and flaw, see the button, zipper, lining, etc. Is it stitched in detail, whether the production is rough, but also pay attention to some buttons or small videos do not have sharp edges Will not cause safety hazards. Also pay attention to whether the clothes have tattooed smell, stimulating the odor may have a problem of formaldehyde over the standard.

Touchpad: Student's school uniforms generally choose a soft and elastic cotton fabric, and the texture is also relatively firm. The school uniforms generally take into account the students' movement needs, and breathable should also be better.

If you find the quality of school uniforms, you must reserve the purchase of bills, product tag and packaging, used for future product maintenance or rights protection.

Summary: School uniforms are everyday supplies, quality problems, can not be ignored, will directly affect students' health, schools should have a responsibility for the purchase of school uniforms, and parents should pay more attention to quality.

Today's topic: Do you think the domestic committee should be responsible for the problem?