Kang Baolai "takes home" community public welfare activities is about to open

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Kang Baolai "takes home" community public welfare activities is about to open

2021-11-26 00:07:31 4 ℃

Xinjiang.com (Reporter Jinhui) is a healthy lifestyle and behavioral habit, and improve the health level of community residents. Hosted by Kangbao Le (China) Health Products Co., Ltd., Urumqi Evening News, Xinjiang Network Harvest, and Kang Baolai "The Health Baby" community public welfare activities will be opened on November 27.

It is understood that two days of this event, the "Visiting Hui" Tourism Team of the Urumqi City Market Supervision Administration, the Urumqi Market Supervision Administration, in Guilin Road Community, Urumqi Evening News Society (Urumqi Evening News Group) "Visiting Huiju" Tourism Team, Xinjiang Nutrition Society, etc. Nutrition + Sports Health Lifestyle "is passed to more community residents.

The upcoming "take the health" community public welfare activities, surrounding the three communities to carry out health lecture halls, inviting experts from Xinjiang Nutrition Society, Han Xiaoli, Chen Pei, on-site tending "Health and Nutrition", "Cardiovascular Care Health knowledge, such as nutrition, promote participants better understand the related content of nutrients and other related content through professional nutrition knowledge.

At the same time, the nutritional experts also answer questions on the site of dietary nutrition, health and health, and the community residents to interact, "healthy to touch" and other small games, winners can also get warm cups and other warm heart gifts , Use the masses to understand, and popularize the way to promote health knowledge.

During the event, community residents can also perform free lipid detection, and receive the brochures and exquisite gifts provided by Kangbao and Xinjiang Nutrition Association.