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up to date!A Tam Leaves Statement

2021-11-26 06:04:26 5 ℃

From November 23 to 24, there were netizens to send a number of microblogs, saying that the singer Alan Tam is dyed with his girlfriend. That night, Alan Tam forwarded its brokerage company statement, called the message, or will take legal action.

Netizen named "Sad Beef Noodles" was the earliest on November 23, the microblogging said that a Hong Kong men's singer is dyed, and the "artist" people "of the singer," this age, not cherished his own feather".

In the subsequent microblogging, the netizen revealed that his girlfriend was a fan of the singer, and than the singer "small four rounds", finally, I found some famous Tan Tan, saying "No conscience is not morally not formatted."

At 13 o'clock on November 24th, in the attention and disputes of netizens, "Sad Beef Noodles" issued a male back photo, the background suspected hotel room.

That night, Tan Qilin forwarded its brokerage company statement, saying that "a strong condemnation and denial of the event", and said it has been "very respect for the fans for many years."

Alan Tam Weibo sent a photo

After that, "sad beef noodles" once again issued a male back photo. When the reporter cuts, Alan League did not explain this incident.

Text: Yangcheng Evening News Full Media Reporter Li Li

Editor: Nie Yue

School: Zhu Zhixiang

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