Shanghai female college student, talking to the male teacher?Chat records were: girl, he has a wife

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Shanghai female college student, talking to the male teacher?Chat records were: girl, he has a wife

2021-11-26 06:05:29 8 ℃

Teacher and students love, do you support it?

Teachers are a sacred profession in your eyes.

They are architects of students' souls.

So in the eyes of students and parents, teachers represent justice, sunshine and protective gods.

The student is a small lamb that hides the parents and teachers.

However, if one day, the teacher suddenly turned into a wolf. When they stretched the sharp claws to the ignorant lamb, what would be a sense?

So, today's halamar will talk to everyone.

He got married, and interacted with me.

Recently, a girls pass forward, and a teacher of Shanghai Foreign Language University concealed the marriage and their exchanges, while still harassing many school girls. This matter triggers public concern.

It turned out to be on November 23, well-known "Double First Class" - Shanghai Foreign Mandarin University.

Being a report article bombed:

The content of the article is more exciting.

"2021.6.16, the last class of this semester, with the sisters, playing the playball, picking up with you, you ask how to eat, I said to Wenhui Road, you said how you said, I said that I have to be with us, you don't have to talk, come to me alone. "

And this real thing happened to a girl.

Female students in Shanghai International Language University reported on the teacher of the Department of Sports.

She said that the teacher concealed marriage has been related to its development, and a number of girls in schools harassment, so she wrote a report.

After this thing is sent to the network, it will cause a lot of discussion.

And the most important issue is that university teachers are in love, or do you want to be "blocked"?

Many Igo netizens believe that teachers and students are not suitable from age gap, role positioning, social equity.

Netizens who do not agree that there is no prohibition, and the school should not use the school regulations to constrain the true feelings between teachers and students of adults, love freedom.

Yes, the active mother feels that the teacher is not in line with it.

They may be committed to the heart of the teacher, and when they are in love.

More importantly, students face teachers, often in a disadvantage.

Some mentor controls "life and death power" in student scientific research, graduation.

So if the student is hurt, it can be induced in the teacher's power, can't escape.

Because many students are worried, their academic will be affected. The concept of "victim has a guilty" also brought a small psychological pressure to the parties.

If the teacher and life relationship is acquisted, then a female student who is studying in school may face the risk of harassed.

I want to get along with you alone.

But this kind of thing, every other time, you have to explode in the school, university, middle school, and elementary schools often happen.

On top of the podium, I claim to be the most glorious career under the sun, and there is a matter of sinful.

Last year, on November 20th, there were netizens broke the news, and the teacher of the Zhengzhou Business School Yellow Committee used a voice to harass the female college students. In the early morning of the 21st, the school official Weibo broke the article has been dismissed.

Some netizens released Weibo said that the Zhengzhou Business School married teacher pays a speech harassing a big girl and proposes a separate request.

"This leg is too long, what do you like?"

"I want to get along with you, I want to look at the long legs alone." "

The people in the dormitors come to people, teachers and students, make people see more bad. "

Who can think of this is from a teacher's mouth.

There is also more terrible thing that many teachers' hearts are terrible and dirty.

I remember the time ago, the East China University of Political Science and Law, Muke, Guinan, published a number of improper remarks in a friend circle.

He said: "Since the state emphasizes the science and education country, he must pay attention to the livelihoods of college teachers, and life problems. College teachers should treat them, such as allowing multiple distributors, lifetime subsidies."

He also believes that the multi-parmetric is not equivalent to a wife.

It is not equal to finding a spouse to do nanny, but think that if a college teacher can achieve more concessions, take care of life, make it unfortunate, and feel good, and willing to be more children ...

When he was asked whether to endorse "teacher and life", he said, "non-opposition, agree, and said that this year's goal is to find a post-00 girlfriend."

In the case of the media, it is really disgusting.

A teacher's original responsibility is to teach people, but such a person, how do we dare to teach our children?

How to protect students

In fact, the topic of college sexual harassment in recent years is always pushed to the tip of the wind.

And we should imagine public opinion, sex, sexual harassment, harass in extremely concealment.

Fear in the dark, long life, support system and complaint channels are almost zero, and each thing that is difficult to say is like an island.

So now the most urgent problem is that after school children are sexually harassed, in addition to encouraging their brave to face, what should we do?

This thing should not be covered, pressed.

It should be obtained more rigorous regulations and school regulations.

In fact, Oxford University, one of the world's top famous schools, has been banned by the media to prohibit teachers and students, and it is intended to prohibit sexual contact behavior between teachers and students.

The astonity feels that this is a big thing.

Adolescent students are just hot.

The influence of the idol repertoire drama, I saw a multi-talented teacher, it is easy to worship, and it will fall.

But the students who have not yet adults have fallen in a clear understanding of their teachers. It is an obsession with this person or is obsessed with this identity.

Even, it may not be love at all, but the psychological psychology of disguise.

Only the child came out of the campus, my mind is mature, I really understand what is love, what is love, talk about a wind and snow, how can I?

Therefore, we must truly ban and prevent campus love, teachers and life love.

There is also a need for school, society, family tripartite to cooperate, and double tubes.

In order to truly build the fence wall of the campus teacher's morality and study style, let the campus really become the pure land of society.

Teacher echelon has a scum

In addition, whether our education system reflects, in addition to scientific research capabilities, there is also a teacher's head, but also as a consideration standard?

It is often said that the readers are the people's spine, the conscience of society, but professor of these scholars who read the poems, and the spidges have long been bent.

Their conscience is probably being eaten by the dog, and when it is a crown of the beast, these people should expel the teachers' team at school.

So, please give more careful and care for the harmful children, give these crown pilings and beasts and punishments.