Crazy "giggle": 63 chickens in India have been killed by wedding music

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Crazy "giggle": 63 chickens in India have been killed by wedding music

2021-11-26 06:05:01 4 ℃

Extreme news reporter Sun Wei

Who can think of a wedding in India, and the music played is actually noisy 63 chicken! According to the "Indussan Times" on the 24th, recently, a young man in India complained that the neighbor's marriage welcoming team was in their own farm, because the played music is too large, 63 chickens gave "noisy".

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According to the report, this 22-year-old young guy is Ranjit Kumar Parida, which is a college graduate. In 2019, Lamit was started from the local cooperative loan 200,000 rupees.

Lamiti said that local time November 21, the neighbor's marriage welcomes the team, issued the "deafening" noise.

"I let them call the music tone, because it is too quarrel, my chickens are frightened. But they are not listening, the groom's friends are also yelling at me." Lamigit was in an interview Say.

According to the report, the chicken in the farm began a strange behavior after hearing the music, and some were still jumping around. Afterwards, Lamgit found a total of 63 chickens.

Langgit asked Veterinary Medians to learn that these chickens may be related to these music, because huge noise can cause chicken shock. A professor of zoology said that huge noise may also increase the risk of bird animals suffering from cardiovascular disease.

After the neighbors refused compensation, Lamiti filed a lawsuit to the local police. After coordination, Lamitt withdraws the lawsuit.