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Say goodbye!21 years old

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Bai Xuezhong, rushing heart

November 24th

Northern Avente Army Anti-Tour Resident Funeral Center

Lower, Revolutionary Martyrs Li Bo

The remains of the remaining farewell ceremony was held

Li Bo martyrs memorial scene

The leaders of Guang'an City, Sichuan Province, Sichuan, Martyrs.

The government department of the station, the people of all walks of life came.

The martyrs came before the leaders and comrades of comrades.


Everyone is a painful mood

Delivery this young soldier

Military land mourns Li Bo Martyrs

Li Bosheng, the officers and soldiers in front of Li Bisheng sent the martyrs to finally

Li Bo, male, Han nationality

Born in May 2000

In September 2019

A border brigade second venture six-year-old reporter compatible

Since the entry

He is engraving loyalty and belief in mind

Gift your duties and mission

Practical training, solid work

In the tempering of the snow

Completed from a "00" youth

To a transformation of a soldier

Li Bo's photo of the post on duty

Li Bo (right one) swear in the world

November 16th

Li Bo Tong is patrolling on a border

The comrades are unfortunate to the ice

Li Bo reminds "Don't be nervous" "Don't mess"

And use a gun strap drag

At this time, the ice collapsed again.

I am also falling into the water.

Li Bo has tried to push his comrades toward the shore.

But the ice is constantly cracking

The two were rushed downstream of water flow.

Eventually about 19 meters from the falling water point

Li Bo pushes his comrades to his hands

I don't have a sinking in water due to physical strength.

Walk away by the river

The officer was rescued by the officers and soldiers

Li Bo is found in about 32 meters downstream downstream downstream

No life

Although it is fully rescued

But Li Bo has never awakened

Li Bo parents came to the son to organize the relics before living

Li Bo mother sings, sorrowful

November 22nd

In the North Army Army

Comrade Li Bo during the duty process

Rescue the fall of water and comrades unfortunately sacrificed

Broadicious, self-satisfied

Hero feat of remember

Vivid interpretation of the new era "four" revolutionary soldiers

Loyal belief, dedication to national defense

Selfless dedication, no fear of sacrifice

Lee Bo (before) participated in the training training

Li Bo (right one) visit the history hall before

Army Party Committee

Tropship Li Bo


Approval of Comrade Li Bo as a martyr

Perspective of party members of the Communist Party of China

Heaven and earth hero

Loyal people

Tears! farewell!

Comprehensive: People's Daily, North Diqiang Military No.

Author: Fu Xiaohui, Zhao Shengli, Qi Long

Photography: Liang Zhijie