Science and Technology City New District Director District "Makeup"!Funny to see the future Mianyang

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Science and Technology City New District Director District "Makeup"!Funny to see the future Mianyang

2021-11-26 06:05:15 8 ℃

Sichuan News Reporter Zu Mingyuan Mianyang Observation Guo Chaoying

On November 24th, "Mianyang Science and Technology City New District Direct Management Region City Design" (hereinafter referred to as "Design") programs approved by Mianyang Municipal People's Government.

The "design" involves the scope of about 24 square kilometers, the area is located in the Xiqi District, the new district of the new district, is the intersection point of the development axis of the Mianyang Cross and the development axis and the development axis of the science and technology city, the main city geographic center, the current situation is mainly The air, strong plasticity is developed, is the most imagination of Mianyang.

According to "Design", the future, the region will "strengthen the development of the main shaft, build a cotton ridge" - through the optimization of entrepreneurial avenue, to create a north to Mangohong Road, straight through the Anzhou District, Nanlian Road, until The city spindle of the open area and optimizes the roof of the land function along the line, strengthen the public property, guides the business, office, and public services, forming a city development spindle of the city to connect the entire Mianyang and connect the city's various important sections.

"Organization Blue Green Puzzle, Building Sharing Water Bay" - A changed from the peace and monotonous line-type landscape, combined with Drum Tower Mountain Center, mutual penetration, building a vital Water Bay, and builds the water bay park shared by the public, overall formation An ecological pattern in a strorn.

"Defining the theme function, highlights the features" - Take the new central integrated group of the University of East, China, Xi Yan, forming a distinctive distinctive distinctive, Science and Technology New City Group, and the four major functional groups of Cowann Park.

"Stimbing the Water Activity, Shaping City" - Relying on the Water Bay Ecological Landscape Resources, build a new center of Mianyang City in the two-axis converging nodes, carrying core functions such as public services, cultural sports, integrated commercial and headquarters business, centralized display Mianyang City Center Image.

According to this "design" program, in the future, the area will form a "one bay, two axes, three gallery, four districts" spatial layout and "three horizontal and vertical" road network patterns. Among them, "One Bay" refers to the new city of the city-centered city-centered centers - the heart of the city; "two axes" refers to the development of the development axis and science and technology city avenues; "three gallery" , High-speed volleague and high-pressure corridor ecological la caled; "four districts" refers to the new center comprehensive group, Science and Technology New City Group, and Xikaiwan Garden Group.

In the road network pattern, "three horizontal" includes transportation expressway - Yudu Avenue, service-type main road - Entrepreneurship Avenue, Living Landscape Avenue - Binhe North Road, Three Different Functions East Western Skeleton Road Network, each Siwu, close the city's new center with the old center of Yucheng.

The relevant person in charge of the Science and Technology City New District Management Committee said that through this round plan, the Science and Technology City New District direct pipe area will be clearly structured, the group is distinct, the functional organic fusion, and the elevated rhythm is highly efficient. At the same time, it will form a new city with dynamic and charm, cultural and technological characteristics, and the future city of Mianyang's hearts.

The picture is provided by Mianyang Science and Technology City New District Management Committee