Campus turned into a variety of cereals to see Coopeva's different autumn tour

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Campus turned into a variety of cereals to see Coopeva's different autumn tour

2021-11-26 06:04:25 3 ℃

"Summer principal, do we still travel this year?" "Summer principal, the weather is so good, how often?" : The autumn tour in the school, move the rice to the red house! On November 25th, Core Primary School "Valley" City explored social practice activities in the expectations of children, they captured autumn at the Culture Garden, turned into "small farmers", and experienced the happiness of labor!

Correspondent Sun Lun Yangzi Evening News / Zappiu News Reporter Wang Ying

Before the exploration, Corewa got a "Valley" City Tickets - Research Map. The research map is the practice operation manual carried by Coriwa in the research process, and is also a record and sharing platform after research.

Corewa took the ticket to the first stop of "Valley" City - Party History. The history of the party is the most vivid, most convincing textbook! The teacher told the students to the party's glorious history and let the students from the History of the Primary School and Zhidian. Children, you said, I am a lot of history, I have a lot of history!

Smart Co Ruova has successfully came to the second stop of "Valley" City - "Rice". Here, the children are scorpal, scabbed, grinding rice noodles ... Although one is busy with sweating, everyone's face is also very bright.

Listening, playing on the playground, it turned out that the red house moved in the autumn into the campus, this is the third stop of "Valley" City - "Small Farmland". The children watched the fall of autumn cereals, fruits and vegetables, sent a praise from time to time, and feel the magical magic of nature.

The fourth station of "Valley" City is a time and space tunnel. Coreva saw the unique charm of Chinese culture by guess riddles and pug. Little "Valley" city, it turned out to hide so many secrets, children in this social practice activities, work and rest, learn happy, happy!

Xia Jie, president of Nanjing Cocheng Primary School, school through autumn practice activities, based on the reality, facing the future, and lay a good foundation. The school is "Ruiji Childhood: Wisdom Enjoying Childhood" as the educational goal, with "a happy and complete educational life" as the educational vision, in the development of children's moral learning, promoting children's lifetime development!

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