Love chat technology debut, China Chadui, the spirit of love

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Love chat technology debut, China Chadui, the spirit of love

2021-11-26 06:05:03 7 ℃

Gets to the sun, and the Yi Road peers. From November 23 to 25, the 9th China Public Welfare Charity Project Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Ci Shi") is held in the way online cloud show, the theme of this chacity is "gathering charity, helping rural resolution." As a love company, love chat technology debut in the cloudscape hall of the Ci Show.

China Public Welfare Charity Project Exchange Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Ceration Club") is the only national, comprehensive, and international charitable industry event in China. The 9th China Chaoc Show will be hosted by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Commission, National Rural Revitaliation, National Rural Development, China Red Cross, China Song Chun Ling Foundation, Guangdong Provincial Government, Shenzhen Government and China Charity Association. The Chadui Show will be fully upgraded to the "Cloud Show" and is held online. Through multi-vast exhibition, rich and diverse online exhibition experience activities and fun interactive games, let the audience further experience the participation of emerging public welfare, and feel the vivid and fresh charity culture and public welfare concept.

Love chat technology debut in the exhibitor - Pengcheng Charity Greatness Space. Speaking of the fate of love and chat technology and Pengcheng Charity, but also back to the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2021, love chat as a love company, participated in the Shenzhen Social Donor Center, Shenzhen China Chaoc Show Development Center, Yu Pengcheng The "Month Changyuan, Love Long - Mid-Autumn Festival Cards" was held to send holiday condolences to the Shenzhen low-cost difficult group.

Love will pass, good faith can spread. Ai chat technology has participated in public welfare action, jointly carrying out volunteer services, caring for difficult people, caring for children in the mountains, caring for disability, and actively donating donations.

In January 2020, the new crown epidemic, love chat technology for the first time for Hubei Wuhan, Xiaogan, Huanggang and other regions have been affected by the excessive influence in the affected area; July 2021, Henan suffered a rare rainstorm, love chat technology donation 19.9 Wan Yuan, aided Henan and gave a thin force to flood relief.

In response to the vulnerable groups on the platform, love chat technology set up "Love Chat Love Fund", give material funding and emotional care; explore the work mechanism of helping to adhere to the employment of disabled people, carry out "hematopoietic help", providing professional skills for disabled Training, providing employment positions, encouraging them to independently, integrating them into society into the "last 100 meters".

At the same time, as a company that will solve the problem of "single youth, it is difficult, marriage and love" social problem, love chat technology has many times in the days of special meanings, holding public welfare blind date activities, advocating wedding and love new wind, and practical service youth marriage and love. In 2021, Tanabata, love chat technology held public welfare viewing activities, 100 Pengcheng single youth went to the contract; November 11

Breakfast, I will be fine. The company is the most durable, the deepest power is the core value, charity love is like a sun, like the rain, and nourish the broadening of the company.

Love chat technology is determined, sincerity and sincerity, writing a beautiful poem about love, practicing a good lift, and public welfare, and will continue to make new contributions to public welfare undertakings, with big love to condense to the strength of goodness, transfer Love and happiness.

(The above picture is the love of China network finance)