too dangerous!Guangdong Foshan, the truck is not closed, and the car parked on the roadside

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too dangerous!Guangdong Foshan, the truck is not closed, and the car parked on the roadside

2021-11-27 00:03:48 40 ℃

Recently, a wonderful thing in Foshan in Guangdong. In the evening, a man drove on the road. After a crossroad, a big truck that suddenly turned over shocked the driver, and quickly flashed the lights reminded. However, the big stock has no movement, the man followed the speaker, the purpose is to remind the truck driver, but only about ten seconds, the tragedy happened!

Guangdong Foshan is about 10 o'clock in the evening, there is no pedestrian on the road.

The man just offens, driving home, this route, very familiar, every day.

When the man is coming to home, after a crucifixion in front, suddenly, a big truck turns to the man's front.

The man is looking at it, and it is directly shocked!

When you come to this big truck, the door of the face is not closed, and it is still the door behind it.

Perhaps this big truck is straight before, the door is just a little slightly, the driver did not find it.

However, after turning, the role of centrifugation, the door is now almost 90 degrees opened, and it is on the side of the truck.

In this case, if the truck passes some objects that are high than iron bolts, it will inevitably be encountered.

In addition, the truck has been opened on a narrow road, and both sides are full of cars.

In case, the iron gate hit a relatively high car, and the consequences are unimaginable!

The man is very urgent, I want to remind this truck driver. It is a desperate flashing light. It is also hoped that the truck is also hoped to cause the truck driver's attention, stop, and close the door.

However, the truck driver is not moving, and there is no difference at all, and it will continue to start quickly.

The latter driver is really anxious, looking at the truck, I can't help it, I can't help it, but I can't go beyond the truck to stop it, I can only follow up.

I didn't expect anything to come, followed by the truck behind about 200 meters, the iron plug under the open iron gate touched a black car on the roadside.

A thrilling scene happened! Everyone may think that the iron gate will be brought to the obstacle.

But everyone wants wrong!

The iron gate was not closed, the black docked car on the roadside, but because of the iron gate card, the big truck directly took out the pavement!

The driver behind was shocked, and he did not think that there will be a car to take out the pavement by the big truck in front, and hurry up!

Fortunately, I followed it behind, the speed is not too fast, I have to hit the car who was being taken out! Only one meter, behind the car finally blocked the car, it is really a cold sweating!

I have to say that this big truck driver is really calm!

Big truck drivers have led to the incident because of the case of forgetting the shutter.

Many unexpected are due to carelessness.

The driver must carefully check the various situations of their own vehicles before driving, especially the truck, must have a good return door, whether you have to be locked.

Pay attention to whether there is a special light on your car on your car when driving. If these headlights are lit, you should figure out your own car, which place is not properly operated? Whether there is no opening or not to close the door, etc.

If the latter or the car next to the flash thread, I also want to think about whether my own car is surprised, people are remind you.