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2021-11-27 18:03:18 30 ℃

Special contributor: force

The author has long been concerned about the changes in the faction (commonly known as "Lao Lai"). In this year, the author predicted in a discussion with an executive judge: At the end of the year, the national lost belief will exceed 7 million mark. On November 26th, it was in advance - "China's Executive Information Open Network" announced in the faction of the faction in the state of confidence was 700,5710, which means "Lao Lai" accounts for 1/200 of the national population. Striped!

"Lao Lai" refers to an executive who has fulfilled its ability to refuse to fulfill the legal instrument determination obligations. In the money to pay this civil executive, "Lao Lai" is not only harmful, not only damages the interests of the applicant, but also challenges the judicial authority. As a "cancer" of serious erosion societies, "Lao Lai" is presented by people 's serious concerns. Although the people's court is committed to attacking the difficulties, the situation is still very serious. The executive person refuses to report or false reporting property, hidden or transferred the property, the sale or transfer is seized, the phone is not listened, ignored the call, torn the legal instrument, gather the enforcement, destroy the implementation of vehicles, injury, police, etc. , The behavior of resisting the execution occurs often. Some people should see the blood to point out: the judicial authority is weak, the implementation of deterrence, "Lao Lai" is not going to do it!

The stock has been difficult to digest, and the incremental new case is difficult to suppress, this is the real situation of the current implementation. Since the court has failed to control the property of the person's property, many measures have failed to cause substantial impact on the executive, and the actor believes that the court can't make them, so it is right. I have been a doctor, and I have become a demon. One by a number of courts as an executor, there are still 13 cases in the column "Lao Lai", accumulated a rich anti-implementation experience in the confrontation with the court, actually served as a confession "Tutor", providing "one-on-one service". The center of its supporting the law is: I know a lot about the implementation. If there is nothing in the court, they are sometimes too lazy to be true. It is necessary to fight too much to consume them, insist that it is victory! This is said that it is both arrogant and not completely absurd. Over the years, the enforcement environment seems to be more beneficial to the executor. An executive judge means that "excessively emphasizes" people-oriented, flexible execution "is not suitable, it is not good to be a refusal protection umbrella!" The author believes that this is reasonable, because "Lao Lai" is fair And the shameless disciples of cracking. The determinism and authority of the effective referee were discounted, and the effectiveness of quality is inevitable, and the judicial credibility is definitely questioned. Strengthen judicial authority can improve the implementation of deterrence to improve the performance. In the current environment, the implementation of the first line of police officers is generally helpless. They hope to have a pain to tell the law to "Lao Lai"!

The implementation is difficult to generate complicated, and the lower cost of illegal cost is important. For most subject, convincing education, urged performance without spreading boots, "limited to" "disappearing" "exposure" and other means are only small injuries. "Some execution measures don't hurt, can't cause powerful deterrence to 'Lao Lai'!" Said this, there is no reason. The idea of ​​"good civilization implementation" is "Lao Lai", which is considered to be the compromise of the court, and the refusal is even more inconclusive. The harsh reality tells us that the enforcement of the effective referee must be guaranteed by rigid means. If the mandatory means is only staying in the legal text, it is equivalent to the tiger without showing teeth or exposing teeth but will not bite. Solving the implementation of difficult, must highlight "mandatory" forced natural properties. For the "Lao Lai" of Mao Xi Shi, it is necessary to be thrown!

Judicial detention and criminal investigation are undoubtedly the two swords of the fight against the refusal. "Hot" is self-defected, the effect is self-evident. In practice, some people enter the detention for two days, just contact the family to pay attention to the money. I just launched the "Refused Crime" program, some people put it in the court to the court to seek light punishment. The example shows the world: "Lao Lai" how to speak again, run into the detention and sentence, these two big tricks, they will be, "inside" is not good. It can be seen that the role of "起, sent in" is very obvious, and is a magic weapon for sanction.

Realistic detention period is short, and the refusal is low, it is inevitable that they should have the deterrent. This needs to attract high attention from the national level and resolve. It is difficult to attack, and the short board must be completed!

my country's judicial detention period is 15 days, which is obviously short in some countries and regions. Among the cases where the subject is high and there is a large contradiction between the parties, many people who are not willing to detention, and they are not willing to perform legal obligations. There have been a high-level "Lao Lai" to be detained, "Don't you take 15 days? The right is good to rest!" The power is discounted. Aiming at the fact that the punishment of judicial detention is relatively limited, some people believe that the detention period must be extended, and the specific can be set to 6 months or more. The executive recognized and corrected the error during the detention, fulfilling all or most of the obligations, which would be eliminated in advance.

"'Lao Lai' is not sentenced, everything is equal to zero", and there is no choice but to say it. The penalty is not the only means to solve the implementation of difficulties, but it is undoubtedly the most effective way to refuse to be very rampant. The penalties have two major functions of punishment and education, and punish a momentum that can educate it, "Lao Lai" is expected to be contained. There is a problem with "criminal" "public prosecution", so that the rejection of the prisoner is very small, and some places "refuse to constitute" investigate the breakthroughs that have not yet achieved zero. Public, inspection, law three institutions should strengthen communication and establish a normalized working mechanism for high-efficiency in accordance with the law. In practice, it should also be corrected the premiere of the defendant's quantity and the proportion of probation. In addition, the people's court should actively guide the applicant to file a self-contraction, and the "refusal conviction" self-contained cases are implemented. It is an inevitable requirement for the implementation of the implementation of the punishment to help the attack. "For the bandits, you must use the cannon to tell the truth, teach with a bayonet!" This is the early days of Xinjiang Peace, and General Wang Zhen faced the roar of the rampant. The commander of the commanding troops slammed the bandits and safeguarded the stability of Xinjiang. It is impossible to evil, which is our truth from this story. Judicial credibility, not only depends on whether the judgment is fair, can be effectively implemented, but also depends on whether it can be effectively effective for the refusal. At the moment that the environment is very harsh, you must do not pay attention to "Lao Lai". Savings, let "Lao Lai" feel the pain of the skin, they don't dare to go with the law. The refusal price is small, "Lao Lai" will be unscrupulous, the implementation is difficult to get more serious, solve the problem will become a mirror of the mirror of the mirror; refuse to pay the price, "Lao Lai" has produced "broken window effect", governing "breaking window" The difficulty is even greater, and the social stability factor is more. The refusal of the arpper is getting more and more promising, and it must improve the illegal cost, and combat it with unprecedented strength!

As we all know, "Lao Lai" has become a major social issue. The Changzhi of the country must be premised on fairness and justice. Do not resolutely eradicate evil, harm the soil of society, how is fair justice? In order to win the implementation of the environment, we can win the solemn commitment to solve the problem of difficulty in the implementation of difficulties. Can no longer let the "Lao Lai" stay well, it is time to initiate the most powerful attack on the refusal. Otherwise, the "Lao Lai" team will definitely be growing!

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