Yibin Cuiping District Bahua Town, Po Beach Center, Baolong Campus, held the first campus art festival

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Yibin Cuiping District Bahua Town, Po Beach Center, Baolong Campus, held the first campus art festival

2021-11-27 18:02:21 31 ℃

From November 24th to 25th, 2021, the Baolong Campus of Poan Center School, Baishu Town, Yibin City, held two days of first campus art festival. The theme of this session is "Happy to fly, grow in the sun", which reflects the characteristics of the times, but also highlights the characteristics of campus and the characteristics of students. Bailong Campus hopes to make children go to the playground, hug nature, bathe, and feel the sweetness and beauty of life, and feel the sweetness and beauty of life in the era. .

This event process is divided into opening ceremony, literary performance, sports competition, on-site calligraphy painting competition, teacher fun sports meeting and awards ceremony. Before the start of the event, the person in charge of the Baolong Campus, the Tsui-Ping District, Poem Center, was speaking on the art festival, allowing the art festival to all the teachers and students, and he was involved in everyone, through the platform construction, Students provide a stage showing self-motivation, relax, healthy life. The referee and athlete representative also conducted an oath, advocated the principle of "fairness, openness, just", in the "friendship first, the second" purpose, the game level, and the game.

On the morning, the literary performances officially began, and the programs prepared by each class were wonderful, and they will usher in the warm applause of teachers and students. In the afternoon, the game and painting and painting live game are also in the order. Sports athletes are cool, and the competition is competing, and the small book and painter has Chengzhu, writing a chapter in Danqing.

8:00 on the next day, the fierce sports competition staged, the main projects were: 50 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters final, 1500 meters final, 400m relay, jumping and softball competition, under the joint efforts of athletes and referees, Some of the events of the school events were broken, and the Guanya army of a single game was released. In the afternoon, a fun teacher fun gall welcomed the climax of the art festival. The event sets the basketball, basketball relay, Pentium train, playing ball racing relay, softball into the carton and football stock six fun items. During the competition, the participating teachers' communities, coordinated action. The fun sports competition enriches teachers' amateur life and enhances the team's cohesiveness and emotional communication.

The current campus art festival has received the high level of attention and strong support in the superiors and campus administration, and finally ended in the vast award ceremony. The event promoted the main melody of the times, enriched the cultural life of teachers and students, advocated elegant and healthy cultural and artistic life, and had a positive role in cultivating and improving the cultural taste and artistic cultivation of young students. At the same time, through the window of the Campus Culture and Art Festival, the unity and cooperation of teachers and students in the campus are showed, struggling up, and pure spiritual style, self-confidence, self-improvement. (Gong Min Jiang Zong Hui Tang Zhong Shuang Qiu Jiaguo)

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