Society halocell beef can lead 1700 yuan subsidy?Official response

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Society halocell beef can lead 1700 yuan subsidy?Official response

2021-11-27 18:02:11 29 ℃

Society, can you receive 1700 yuan subsidies? By rate up to 97%? Recently, Shenzhen has set off a boom that learns halogenolans and registration exams. On November 25th, the Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau responded to the "misunderstanding", which has been obviously abnormal due to the registration data, and the special occupational capacity assessment of the tidal halogen production has been suspended.

The reporter noted that the recent network has appeared information about Shenzhen haloceration test, saying that the school tide-type halidegen government subsidies can be subsidized, and the certificate can be applied through the examination. The pass rate is as high as 97%, and the netizen attached "halogen" "The book", netizens have said "to go to the goose."

On November 25th, the officials of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Social Security Bureau introduced that the online crazy halogen test, known as "tidal halo" production special professional ability assessment, in fact, one way of evaluation of skills, other ways Including professional qualifications, vocational skills grade certification.

Among them, vocational qualification identification, professional skill level identification is a comprehensive evaluation method, and the evaluation results are divided into 5 grades from primary workers to senior technicians, and special professional ability is the minimum skill unit of employment, and the basic composition of skill class. Part of the assessment results, the certificate is issued, and the certificate is issued by the human resources guarantee departments.

It is understood that Guangdong Province launched the "Cantonese Master" project in 2018. Since 2019, Guangdong Province unified development of tidal halogen production, tidal flavor cooking, Hakka cooking, Guangfu flavor cooking, wide-style production, Guangdong burning production and other special professional capabilities, The assessment is given the subsidy.

However, the Shenzhen Municipal People's Social Security Bureau said that the subsidy is not the net transmission. If you don't have a professionally trained Xiaobai, it takes a few minutes to study a video to get subsidies through the exam. The main and ingredient varieties required for tide halogenation, the process is complicated, and it takes longer. Candidates need to have certain operational experience or special training to complete. From this year, it has been organized by the assessment situation. The rate of passing is by 97% of the network, and the reference personnel with a certain substrate are not high.

"It can be the boss of 'goose' pass 'goose', today, Shenzhen, today, Shenzhen, China, has set off the boom of learning to be a halogenolate, and said the Shenzhen Municipal People's Social Security said in the official micro. The number of applications has been significantly presented and has to be temporarily suspended.

At the same time, November 25th, the Shenzhen Municipal People's Social Security Bureau also released an announcement in the official website, recently, Shenzhen 2021, the fifth batch of professional qualifications evaluation and special professional capacity assessment of the special occupational capacity have obvious abnormalities. In order to check the relevant situation, ensure an orderly assessment, decided to suspend the tidal halogen production special occupational capacity assessment registration from 17:00 on November, and the startup time is notified.