Meet the winter!The world's extremely dangerous rare bird is a spoonful of mouth.

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Meet the winter!The world's extremely dangerous rare bird is a spoonful of mouth.

2021-11-28 00:04:09 34 ℃

Birds with "rice spoon"

Have you seen it?

It is not simple

It is called "Spoon Mother (Yù)"

Is the national level protection bird

With the "national treasure" giant panda

Released as "Birds in Big Pandals"

There are only more than 600 worlds worldwide.

A very critical bird

The mouth of the spoon is very special

Like a rice spoon

So many bird lovers are also kindly called it.

Birds with "rice spoon"

Fish eagle shooting "Spoon Mouth"

Recently, Xiamen Birds Association Members Fish Eagle

Walking on the beach of Quanzhou Pie Bay

In the black abbrees and red-neck buddhism

I found a "small spoon" that strived "dry rice"

"Small Seven" shooting in the fish eagle

This spoon

Back gray brown feather shaft is neatly cute

White belly feathers seem to be a snow group

Signatured shovel mouth sweep in the beach

As if you want to hide the bozed creature under the beach

A "spoon"

"Small Seven" shooting in the fish eagle

The scoop of the fish shot

Wearing a green flag "7L" word on the feet

Fish ears know it is "small seven"

"Small Seven" shooting in the fish eagle

Winter 2019

Fish eagle first monitored in the monitoring network

Toon with green flag with green flag

The flag is written on the word "7L"

Fish ears initially determine this green flag

It should belong to Russia

So soon, through "Sprinkler"

Contact Russian experts

Surprisingly found this spoon of mouth

It was actually in the summer.

Russia Chukacia born

Accepted wild male bird

The young birds that breed in the same year also had wintering capabilities.

This makes Russian birds experts too excited.

Since then, the fish eagle often has a Russian expert.

Share "small seven" real-time trends

It's heartless.

2020 "Xiaoqi" did not return to Chukcche breeding ground

Fortunately, 2020 Winter

Birds in Jinjiang Pie Bay brought good news to the fishk

"Little Seven" is safe and cold, and there is another winter.

2020, Li Hongwei, "Xiaoqi"

2020, Li Hongwei, "Xiaoqi"

2021 summer

"Little Seven" returned to Chukcche breeding

As the first in the monitoring network

Found "small seven"

Three years have always pay close attention to its movements

Foreign bird friends have a "small seven" message

Contact him immediately

Mid-October this year

Jiangsu Yancheng's pair of mud wetlands

Give him a "small seven" message

"Your baby has been departed from the transfer station, please pay attention to check."

According to reason, I should arrive in Minnan in October.

Fish ears must go to Dagu Island, Pie Bay, etc. every weekend.

Looking for the trace of "small seven"

I am afraid of danger on the road in most months.

Fortunately, the little guy seems to be just greedy, playing, delaying it.

Finally arrived as scheduled

Fish eagle said that the family has been used to it in three years.

He heard that "Xiaoqi" news

On weekends, you have to make the behavior of the seaside.

And this special date, he hopes to maintain ten years

"I hope it can bring my wife children next year."

Fish eagle smiles

Fish eagle shooting "Spoon Mouth"


Spoon's mouth, the outer "small spoon", the body length is 14 cm -16 cm, the mouth is a black small spoon

In the summer, the feathers of "small spoon" are mainly black, brown red dark, and in winter, they become gray brown, white-based relatively shallow color. Plus "small spoon" unique foraging in the wetlands of the beach, sweeping the food in the water in the water or in the mud, so it is easy to distinguish from other cquies.

At present, there are more than 600 spoons worldwide, belonging to extremely endangered species.

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