Ruichang City Golden Township: Requirements and Efficiency Doing Case Investigation "Second Half Articles"

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Ruichang City Golden Township: Requirements and Efficiency Doing Case Investigation "Second Half Articles"

2021-11-28 06:02:03 36 ℃

Jiujiang News Network News (Peng Jianku Panpan) Recently, the Golden Township Discipline Commission launched the "look back" for the 2 Village Party branches of the discipline inspection and supervision, to check the rectification through the interview, check the information, etc., the feedback on the spot, and The relevant party branch is required to be based on the long-term, strict rules and regulations, and prevent the problem of rectifying "rebelling".

Since this year, the Golden Township Commission has to investigate and rescue the principles of violations of disciplines in serious investigation and punishment. After punishment, the principle of treating diseases, returning to education, supervising and promoting rectification, etc. Check the case "second half article". In the period of the review and investigation, the disciplined cadres demanded that all aspects of the problems were produced, and they wrote self-analysis materials. After the case, we pay attention to the "case-to-advice", and urge the disciplined cadres to informed the case and punish decision. At the township cadre, we will report the typical case of violations of laws and disciplines, and integrate the talks and active interviews. Warning effect. At the same time, the resilience of returning to the personnel, in advance, with the secretary of the party branch and related friends and relatives, comprehensive mastering the ideological status and work performance of the personnel, talking about the talker with the personnel, education guides the personnel to enhance discipline, put down Thought bags, lightly put on investment and life.

The Golden Township Discipline Committee will further overtake the "front and back and half of the articles", and the normalization of the "front and backs and actions", strengthen key positions and key matters risk prevention, focus on corruption and unhealthy trends around the people, and promote the cadres of the country. optimization.