It is related to "retired in advance"!Sichuan introduced regulations for full process

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It is related to "retired in advance"!Sichuan introduced regulations for full process

2021-11-28 12:02:20 31 ℃


Sichuan Provincial People's Office issued a text

In advance retirement in advance Sichuan Province

From policy implementation, process control, approval

A clear provision is made to the supervision and inspection.

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Strictly implement the advance retirement policy

Strict implementation of national and Sichuan policies, strictly control the scope of retirement policy in advance, should not relax age conditions, special types of work, labor capacity identification standards. The authorized department of the original industry has specially regulated in the foregoing annual limit, but must not be lower than the annual standards specified in the state. All localities must not be issued in violation of the national and Sichuan provinces in advance. It is necessary to take measures to take measures.

Effectively strengthen early retirement approval process management

Since January 1, 2022, Sichuan Province is unified in accordance with the principles of "enterprise (individual) declaration, county (city, district) review, city (state) (or provincial level) approval, provincial filing", according to the unified process and Report, review, approval, and filings in accordance with standard standards. Fully implement the "Double Public Notice" system, the company should strictly follow the provisions of the enterprise production area, office area, employee residential area, etc. before the declaration, the publicity of the enterprise production area, office area, and staff residential area, etc. And indicate the report method. Before the human society made an audit, before the approved decision, the human society should be publicized through the official website of the human society, and the publicity period is not less than 5 working days. The results of each place have been filed by the provincial social insurance information system reported by the Human Resources and Social Security Department. Through internal control, ensure approval of each link responsibility to people, measures are in place.

Comprehensively improve the level of retirement management management

Clearly incorporate advance retirement approvals in advance into the province's social insurance information system for management, promote business line, and realize online management from business application, review, approval, treatment and payment of full processes. Construction of the provincial enterprises specialized job staff information library, promote big data comparison sharing, and use informationization to strengthen risk prevention and control. Further implementation of "venting service" and "warm people" work requirements, vigorously promote a network, the whole network, provide "one-stop" service, facilitate the mass to do things and improve service efficiency.

Increase the supervision of retirement approval in advance

According to the law, the falsification is handled according to law, and the enterprises should be responsible for the authenticity of the application materials, and enterprises that falsify, they are included in the blacklist of illegal corporates and implement the notification system. It is not regularly conducting a special inspection of the early retirement management work, and special inspections on key areas and related enterprises have established a province notification, talk system. The retirement of the retirement of the violation of specialty has been taken in advance, which is seriously processed in accordance with relevant regulations. Strictly implement the main responsibility of the party style and clean government, establish a responsibility investigation and accountability mechanism, and the violation of the discovery, to conduct responsibility to check, and have a violation of violations in the examination and approval process, and the discipline inspection supervision department is handled in time.