I have touched the "campus loan", pay attention!

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I have touched the "campus loan", pay attention!

2021-11-29 00:02:46 34 ℃

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Nowadays, personal credit reports have become our second "ID card". Once there is a confidence, it has a great impact on individual life.

This also allows the criminals that can be organically multiplied, fraudulent, through illegal channels, gain victim information, call with customer service, to use "campus loan to log out", "help to cancel the loan information", induce victims in the net loan platform Loan and transfer all funds to the so-called "fair account", university graduates, young people who have just participated in work, and those who have registered campus records are very easy to be deceived.

real case scenario

On November 21, Mr. Wang (a pseudonym), received a "Jingdong Customer Service" phone, and the other party said that the country should cancel college student loans, and Mr. Wang's account involves college student loans, if you don't cancel it will affect the credit.

"Data is abnormal, there are multiple associated student accounts in system detection, please contact the Assistant Specialist in time."

At this time, "customer service" tells Wang to clear the account, put all the amounts of WeChat on the micro-microplate, and then go to the account on the app, so-called "sales", Mr. Wang according to the other party's guidance Transfer 53,000 yuan to the account.

After completing the so-called "expense", "customer service", also known as Mr. Wang has a problem, need to save 200,000 yuan, at this time, Mr. Wang is deceived. Currently, the case is under further investigation.

Good personal credit is an important basis for bank loans

But as long as you repay the lending product on time

Will not affect personal credit

Second, no matter if you really have borrowed

As long as the other party is called to cancel the account, do not believe

How to prevent fraud?

1. Any unfamiliar call claiming requires you to cancel the loan account or clear the loan record, otherwise it affects the personal credit, is fraud;

2. Personal credit is unable to change or eliminate, as long as the loan is closed on time, the personal credit will not be affected;

3, if the public should consult the local People's Bank's credit department or call the customer service phone call by the local People's Bank, do not believe in strange calls;

I found a suspected scam

It should stop the loss immediately and keep evidence