Can education and commercial interests can be mixed?What is the painting of Fengqiu Wang?

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Can education and commercial interests can be mixed?What is the painting of Fengqiu Wang?

2021-11-29 00:03:05 26 ℃

Text / Xuan chat education

Which principal is crying?

The leader of the camera is crying, "Nutrition Lunch" makes students poured a large piece, netizens have painted: the education has changed, becoming some leaders and personal business secrets, Wang President's crowding is transferring the Volkswagen sight, or The reason is conclusive, this is worthy of in-depth exploration.

After the student meal, vomiting, the principal's lens is crying

On November 23, there were more than 30 students in Suicheng in Lunch. After the lunch, I didn't stop giving a meal to the school on the 25th. When the reporter asked this question, Wang Yong, as the principal, said, "No Because this is the tender of the Education Bureau. "

How much is the foundation? 30 students collectively vomiting, have been collectively incident, affecting how bad?

Violation of bidding, the company has found that the deputy director of the original Fengqiu County Education Bureau has been unloaded!

"The meat is astringent, tofu is 馊."

Xiao Guo, still underwater in Fengqiu County People's Hospital, is an eighth grade student in Yancheng Middle School. He told reporters that "the meal food can be difficult to eat, can be disgusting."

Through students' response, we can see that this nutrition lunch absolutely problem, or the remaining meals, or the meal company is not the corresponding qualification, what is the reason?

According to the relevant unit investigation, the truth floats.

The meal company does not have the qualification of the meal. It is the new company (Beijing Zhihongheng Dada Trading Co., Ltd., which is established in September this year. Cry: This is the tender of the Education Bureau.

The principal has no way to listen to the Education Bureau!

The Education Bureau is the competent education department, the subordinate school or educational institution must implement his instructions. It is no exception when choosing a meal company. According to the "Fengqiu County Government" Fengqiu County Education Sports Bureau Fengqiu County Rural Compulsory Education Student Nutrition Improvement Planned Lunch Procurement Projects - Bidding Announcement show that the company's winning bid is overwritten school 24, including the Earth's Middle School that occurred in this vomiting incident.

Delivery at the same time, other schools have this problem?

A problem is worth thinking!

From the measuating land, Nanmang Primary School to Yancheng Middle School is only 9 kilometers, about 20 minutes by car! Why have there eventually, "The meals are not very hot, the meat is still very angry"? There are also other school teachers to respond, we also eat this company's meals, but did not happen.

This is a doubt, you must investigate!

On the morning of November 27, the Fengqiu County Government issued the latest notification, and the deputy director of the county education and government bureau stopped implementing their position and reviewed the investigation and investigation, and the person in charge of the three relevant departments of the County Education Bureau's Establish Management Office survey.

So, what about the principal? Netizens believe that Wang President is innocent, the education bureau bidding, does not hear! Without the relationship with the President, everything will have the day of the truth.

It is understood that Yancheng Middle School is located in the west side of Yancheng Village, Zhaogang Town, Fengqiu County. It is a boarding school, six, seven, eight, nine and other four grades, a total of 8 classes, lunch by the bidding catering company, early Dinner is supplied by the restaurant contracting company.

Three meals on a day, the supplier is different, the collective vomiting incident, is there a kind of cat, or another hidden love?

Question "Nutrition Lunch" bidding!

Do you have a "nutrition lunch"? Fengqiu County Government initiated nutrition lunch tendering, restaurant contractor did not participate, many people have opinions, expressing "the work is doing well, there is no error." The next two weeks did not arrive, the bidder catering company supply lunch still 2 Weekly appeared this food source disease event.

Combine the cause of the whole event, carefully analyze, can't help but sweat! Is there any hidden love or someone who deliberately? Only for commercial interests to maximize the risks?

If the contractor and nutrition lunch in the restaurant have interest disputes, regardless of the health and even life safety of the school, this is not a simple business ethics, but it involves the crime. If you are identified The facts are true or someone has made hands and feet from them, and the involvers will be severely punished.

I hope that the relevant units will find out the results as soon as possible, in order to students' health and safety, I hope this is only a quality problem of a meal, I hope that there is not worrying issue.

I hope, safety first, others are floating!