[Review line] River: five one hundred: fingertips beat, let network positive energy continue to inherit

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[Review line] River: five one hundred: fingertips beat, let network positive energy continue to inherit

2021-11-29 00:03:41 28 ℃

News Source: Dahe Net

A few days ago, 2021 China positive energy "five one hundred" network boutique collection selection broadcast activities entered the voting stage of the fire, attracting attention, attracting many netizens "onlookers", vote, forward, praise, one-action fingertips , Constantly inherit the network positive energy.

"Five One Hundred" is a thorough epitome of a network space. Form a variety of network works, showing a wonderful network world. Touching story, a beautiful picture, warm work, the broadcasting activities not only cover the network positive energy works such as text, pictures, animation video, special events, but also network positive energy builders, many quantities, and variety of forms. Through one of ordinary and great characters, a simple and touching text, a group of daily and shocking pictures, a group of ordinary and people tears audio and video, one item The new and far-reaching special events, the diversified network works serially from 2021 network hotspots, online big things, tell us about cute China, youth China, charm China, and work hard into China.

"Five One Hundred" is a collection of network spatial positive energy. The 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party was established, and the major themes such as poverty, the anti-disease results, and comprehensively built a well-off society. "Awakening the age" "Mountain Hairy", "Dajiang Da River" and many other excellent film and television dramas illuminate the torch of the national spirit, showing the national conditions and national spirit; "" The "Facing Friends" is a "inheriting the red gene, set up in the whole society The fashion of the hero; "The '' to travel" is the achievement of green China, ecological civilization construction; "Changan City, Tang Shi in" Inheriting China's excellent traditional culture; "Nameless Monument" inherit the great spirit of revolutionary ancestors, guiding the vast Internet users accept red cultural baptism; "Empty female soldiers photographing the Chinese Navy Yalian Bay escorted" to show the Chinese navy style, more publicized the concept of peaceful development in my country ... These incentives, the positive energy of the inspiring people, the intensive, united and hard work Force, constantly being mentioned, discussed, learned, like the fire of the stars, is made into positive energy torch, forming a ripple effect on the network and will profoundly affect more people, realize the network poly positive energy, Construct the true effect of the concentric circle.

Time is recorded, the network is carrying. Today, the network has become a spiritual home of hundreds of millions of netizens. What kind of values ​​are there, what kind of countries, society and people will have any orientation, actions, and paths. "Five One hundred" network boutique collection selection broadcast activities led us to review the beautiful stories in this year, those touching moments, those who excited people, and make positive energy through the fingertips, for their favorite The work of the work is also encompassed by positive energy. The process of re-commissioning the times in the times, the process of spreading the work, completing the transformation from "bystanders" to the participants, moisturizing ideals and beliefs, drawing the power, harvest full The spirit, continuously transmit positive energy sound waves.

The people who struggle are respectful and energetic. In the Internet space of the Noctus, with the "five hundred", through a positive energy work to find emotions, conjugate the value consensus, it will bring a tree to another tree, a cloud promotes another An effect of a cloud. Let positive energy continue to be inherited, push forward to the lighthouse in the heart of everyone, the consciousness of the foot, condense the new era of new era, more pounds.