Dean County Innovation Measures make people more temperature for private practical things

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Dean County Innovation Measures make people more temperature for private practical things

2021-11-29 18:08:09 31 ℃

Jiujiang News Network News (Zhu Guangyan Jiujiang Daily, the new media reporter Shen Mingjie) Learning exercises, immersed experience, wide-in-money, solving problems ... Since October, Dean County's innovation has organized "Excellent Environment, Change Wind, and New New "" "" "" "" " "Question, with real effective, let the masses feel the real and happiness temperature.

A few days ago, Dean County Fenglin Town launched the "post training troops and skills competition" activities in the window personnel of the office. The activities are subject to key issues such as people's society, civil affairs, urban construction, and agricultural ports, and the procedures, etc. Satisfaction.

In order to improve the business capabilities of the people, Dean County related units insist on what to learn, what to learn, combing learning to learn the relevant policies and business processes involving this unit, carry out practical drills, and ensure that business people are in charge The field becomes a hipster, ensuring that all policies are implemented, and it is improving to the people's work. As of November, the 79 units of Dean County have developed a learning program, and through the topic teaching, exchange statement, writing experience, and carry out various forms of business competition and other forms to promote learning.

"Before that, the speed of this loan is faster, the amount has increased a lot, the most important thing is that there is no trouble." Wu Zhengxu, general manager of Tiancheng Thai Sculpture Co., Ltd., successfully handled small loans. Around the masses "urgent expensive" problem, Dean County Government Service Center led to organize all units on the release of Hui En-enterprise policies and system for comprehensive investigation, and the county cadres have been widely collected by visiting enterprises, seeking opinions, etc. There are existence and problems. Perfect or clean up findings that are not strong and unable to land. As of now, there are more than 100 enabling services, optimize business environment, internal management, etc., and realize the service of the convenience of customers.

It is worth mentioning that Dean County gives full play to the supervision function of the media public opinion supervision and discipline inspection and supervision team. For three years, the people relying on petitions, reports, complaints, 12345 new network platforms and other methods, etc., have been combed and Reply, concentrated on a number of old problems that have been resolved in historical legacy, and provide public opinion supervision report platforms, collect new issues in the eyes of the masses, and establish accounts for new and old issues collected, implement leading cadres package protection mechanisms to ensure The problem is solved in time. Since the event, 458 people in the "hurry" problem "is very difficult" have been concentrated.