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Youth Chinese Medicine | TCM Story | Dedicated to youth blood, refuel for life - blood donation into the campus!

2021-11-30 00:07:09 41 ℃

Youth blood

Come on for life

Free blood donation into the campus

Free blood donation is a public welfare undertaking of love, saving life, this time, "Xinglin, love, blood donation, life", "no blood donation activities have greatly enhanced the social responsibility of Shandong Chinese Medicine Medicine College, small Chinese medicine Ignite the fire of love with action, and actively participate in the team of free blood donors, pass the love.

Bloody blood can be regenerated

Saving uncomfortable life

To promote the spirit of dedication

Improve the sense of social responsibility of our school

Sending the hope for the patient

November 27, 2021

Our school is officially carried out from the integrated building

Go into the scene

It can be seen that the long team rolled in front of the blood donation vehicle.

The students are very excited, enthusiastic

Under the organization of volunteers

Blood donation activities are in an orderly manner

Before blood donation

The students actively cooperate with the examination of medical staff.

After passing the medical examination

The students will go to the blood donation area to donate blood.

After the blood donation

Classmates take a break

A small gift ready to receive a school

This is an encouragement and praise for the blood donation of small Chinese medicine practitioners.


Blood donation

Passing is not just a blood

It's even more happy to help people.

It is a sense of responsibility for college students' society.

We deliver love with a blood

Concentrate up the power of guarding life!

Free blood donation


The blood donor needs to be healthy, no anemia, aged 18 years old, male body weight ≥ 50 kg, female body weight ≥ 45 kg.


There is no cold, fever or infectious disease, no medication, no drinking within 24 hours. The day before and the day of blood donation, the greasy food is banned, don't donate blood in an empty stomach, I can enter the light diet on the same day.


Girls can't participate in blood donation within three days before the physiology.


Keep a sufficient sleep, a happy mood.


The whole blood donation interval is not less than six months.


Please bring your valid identity document when blood donation.


Pay attention to rest after donating blood and avoid vigorous exercise.

Help life

Donate a blood, give a love

Pull up your sleeves and dare to take

Let us participate together and hold the sun together

In this winter, with blood, to deliver your strength