Entering the city (one hundred and forty-four) (the purpose of theft)

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Entering the city (one hundred and forty-four) (the purpose of theft)

2021-11-30 00:06:58 34 ℃

There is only two episodes of the two episodes, but this is not affecting everyone's viewing emotions. The hard work all day is over, the most expectant is the wonderful entertainment in this evening. Time is always too fast, it is always too short one night, and several people feel that it is still unfinished, and the Yu Yin is around the beam ...

Nowadays, these generations have lived, this soul is the only home in the forefront. I still have a warm and lively a few years ago, and I'm happy, and the people who are outside, the soul is dreaming, but now people go to the building. , Dark and cold ...

The big moon is rumored to her husband: "Time is not early, hurry up." You first turn back, four or six silent recovery, walk to the gate "咔嚓" a big lock, fast come to the field The south of the hospital, stretched with the kitchen, bring the door "嗒" small lock, and two stainless steel doors "哐" lock two steps.

Finally, the upper and lower left and right left and right, turned to the chartered truck across the car and found a car lonely and quietly looked at the side of the north. The children don't know what happened, it may feel that the atmosphere is abnormal, see what the big people look at the car window, just find anything with their sight. The van "唰" rushed out very far, four six in the co-pilot position, look at the mother, found that she sat together with Zeng Sun, holding Zhu Peng, white head still turned back to the back, two lines tears汩汩 汩汩


This day, the night, after the four or six laces, after the toilet, they seemed to be moved through the living room, and they didn't consciously went to the sofa, and they intended to be angled for the mother. He just extended a hand, suddenly heard a low low swirling, it appeared to be a pressure-making suppression. By making the light of the window, it is found that the old man is close to his eyes, it is already a face of tears.

He is tight, sitting on his mother, and wi tears for her. The old man couldn't help but went to the two more weep, and opened his eyes and saw his son, reminded him to return to the house. Four-six diameter straight span on the sofa, two feet extend into the cartridge, the old man saw this scene, simply put on the cotton jacket, and made the force to the face, cover his son. The four six are equally strong, pull out a larger preserved mother's chest.

On the midnight of the deep winter, the mother and son side and shoulder nest on the shabby sofa side, and the whispers were poured with each other.

"Son, your dad, he ... oh -" The old man saw the son, as if the child who wronned, I couldn't live with myself.

"Mom is not sad, you can't afford it. Things have been like this, I can only think about it." My 50-year-old son looks at my mother. I can't help but I can't help but hold her hands in my arms. .

"Hey ... Your dad is made, I have suffered a bitterness, and I can't think about it, I can't think ... oh -" The old man is bending in his son, and it is spent.

"If Dad is known underground, seeing Mom, he will be sad." The four-six poles were so comfortable.

"His man is too pitiful, no one is accompanying, really gains a soul of soul ... Hey ..." She is sad and pleasant, and she is always immersed in her emotions.

"Mom, you don't think too much. It is not rescued to this disease. The national leader can't live. Beijing Shanghai is not good. Let's mention our ordinary people. The main discovery of Dad is too late. If it is a bit I know that if you have no spread, you can also open the knife, so you may be able to live for a few years. "The four six said deeply sigh.