Manchuri Jinhuang!Chengdu ushered in Ginkgo Best View (Accessible Ye Guide)

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Manchuri Jinhuang!Chengdu ushered in Ginkgo Best View (Accessible Ye Guide)

2021-11-30 06:03:02 15 ℃

Chengdu City has entered Ginkgo Best View Period

Continued until late in December

Today, the Chengdu City Park City Construction Authority officially issued the third phase of the city ginkgo gamphor opice index, the city ginkgo has basically reached the three-level viewing index, the best viewing period.

▲ Chengdu, a golden ginkgo and spreadup (Wang Yu photo)

According to the Director of Chengdu Botanical Plant Research Center, Zhu Zhangshun, a senior engineer, is affected by the temperature in Chengdu area, according to the grading of the park city silverware, the ginkgo leaves of the regions have entered the stage III (Sheng Huang), and fully enter the best view During the period, it is expected that this year's Ginkgo average will last until late in December.

According to observations

At present, Chengdu has a well-known ginkgo apricot.

Such as Jinli Road, Electronic Science and Technology, Jinxiu Street

Yinna Road, Jincheng Lake, etc.

Both begins to show a dazzling golden color

Viewing index reaches level III

In addition, the best viewing period of Yunding Mountain in Jintang County has passed

It is recommended to have the public to the willingness to enjoy the will.

Choose other recommended ornamental points

▲ Ginkgo (Wang Yu photo) of Jinli West Road

2021, the third episode of Chengdu, the third phase of Ginkgo

Some points of ginkgo beauty map


Baihuantan Park

Jinli West Road

People's Park

Jinxiu Street, Jinxiu Lane