The rabbit is anxious!1 year old girl hunted rabbit is bitten with your finger: 4 points to pay attention to this 4 points

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The rabbit is anxious!1 year old girl hunted rabbit is bitten with your finger: 4 points to pay attention to this 4 points

2021-11-30 06:03:15 21 ℃

Live the rabbit, the image of everyone is probably white, small, long ears, a hop, it is very cute, soft softly, there is no attack power. However, there is also a saying that "the rabbit is still biting", and the rabbit is really a happiness.

Recently, a little girl in Shaanxi Baoji, when playing with a small rabbit, a small rabbit, and she accidentally bite the index finger.

According to the attending doctor, the little girl raised a rabbit at home, usually the little girl likes to play with the rabbit. This day, the little girl played with the rabbit, when the rabbit was hit, and suddenly the rabbit bite a little girl finger.

Leading to the end of the little girl's fingers completely detached, the parents were taken to the local hospital for the first time after the incident, but due to the limited conditions of local hospitals, they were treated to Baoji High-tech Hospital.

After checking, the doctor immediately finished the skin for the little girl. At present, the child's recovery is good, and is being treated in the hospital.

I always thought that the rabbit was anxious and biting, but only a simple saying, I didn't expect to look at the Cute bunny really biting. Nowadays, many families have pets, cats, dogs, and rabbits, etc. are common pets. On the one hand, they can cultivate their children's love, and on the other hand, they can replace parents to give their children some companionships.

But after reading the news, many parents are inevitable, and the rabbit is so embarrassed animals, the dog, the cat, can you give your child a pet?

In fact, the parents don't have to worry too much. As long as they pay attention to the ivity of pets, they do a good job in preventive work, and pets still have a lot of benefits to children.

There are a lot of pets in children.

1, give your child a childhood play with

Now many families are only children, children live in the city, in addition to going to school, usually have a little opportunity to participate in collective activities and meet new friends. In addition, many parents are also busy with work. Not much time to accompany children, the child is inevitably lonely. Pets can replace parents, give children a lot of companions, let the child's childhood has a close-time partner.

2, exercise your child's social ability

Some educators said that children have an impact on children's behavior by taking care of pets in the process of getting along with pets. Take care of pets, observe the pet's one fell, can help children build rules, let children know that they should pay attention to methods, consider consequences. At the same time, it can also enhance the child's sensitivity to non-language exchanges, and apply to other children, and can promote the social ability of children.

3, enhance your child's anti-sensitive ability

The results show that children living in rural areas have a bit of asthma to be much lower than those living in the city. This is because the city's living environment is too clean, and the child usually expires less allergies, leading to low resistance.

Therefore, the pet is in the family, in fact, it helps children adapt to all kinds of allergen sources. Of course, those children who are allergic to pets are still not suitable for pets, so as not to harm the child's health.

4, reduce the risk of otitis media and fever

Poland has a research report showing that there are pets in the family than those who have no pets in their homes. There is no health week of the healthy weeks in the whole year of about 31%.

A child who often contacts a pet dog at home is reduced by 44%, and the probability of fever is 20%.

What do you need to pay attention to your child?

1, choose the right pet

When parents gave their children to choose pets, they must choose sexual temperament, such as Golden Mao, Labrador, Samoyed in the dog. But if the pet itself is growing in the family, and the personality is also suitable, because pets have been developed from small habits, and their families know it.

2, do health management

For the safety of family and children, pets must be regularly vaccinated. In addition, we must keep pet hygiene, regularly repair pet nails, and pet feces periodically cleaned up, and the feeding area remains clean.

In the case of conditions, the last regularly gives a medical examination, and also educates children, develops the habit of washing hands after playing with pets, preventing the disease from being drawn.

3, avoid children and pets

The child is relatively small, and the child is inevitable when playing with pets, it is inevitable that there is no way to scratem with pets, and the pets are injured, bitten, etc., the child lacks safety awareness. Therefore, parents must pay attention to avoid children and pets, don't let your children deliberately toy, especially don't bother pets, sleep, etc.

4, clear responsibility

If the child's age is bigger, then parents must be three chapters with the children before the pets, and clear the pet is the child to raise, so the child is the first responsible person of the pet, let the child are responsible for the pet.

By taking care of pets, you can cultivate your child's responsibility, love, but also let your child know that pets will be old and sick, it can bring us a lot of joy, but will lead to us, let the children learn to cherish and love pets.